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A smallish mod that adds gunsmithing to NV, so you can break down and build weapons your damn self, instead of relying on NPCs all the time.

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rather than throw a wall of text at you to explain my brain, i'm just going to tell you what the mod does and how.

Gunsmithing allows you to make and break down guns and weapons according to a recipe system in the file.

what it contains:

4 perks: Gunsmithing (25 guns, 25 repair) is the base perk. it allows access to the recipes for vanilla + DLC guns and most of the mods for them. Advanced Gunsmithing (70 guns, 70 repair, level 10) allows access to recipes for unique guns and variant guns and mods included. Junk to Gold is a scrounger perk for gunsmithing parts. 1st Recon is a sniper perk for people that like to snipe without vats.

over 600 recipes: all the recipes are scratch-built.

guns: variants on vanilla + dlc guns that can be built with gunsmithing. also some uniques specific to the mod.

challenges: 5 challenges, pistol mastery, shotgun mastery, rifle mastery, big gun mastery, and advanced gunsmithing. the mastery challenges increment as you build weapons of those types. completing a mastery challenge increments advanced gunsmithing and rewards you with xp and a unique schematic for a unique weapon. advanced gunsmithing awards you with advanced gunsmithing perk (for people who don't want to spend a perk slot on it), some xp, and a unique schematic.

a quest script that pops up a corner message when you've got a cowboy, grunt, shotgun surgeon, and/or 1st recon weapon equipped.

an MCM menu that allows you to change some stuff.

compatibility issues:
things to watch in your merge patch:
changes to formlists: cowboy perk, grunt perk, machinegun list, holdout weapons, and professional weapons list. things were added, nothing was removed.

changes to perks: cowboy and grunt had description changes, nothing important. jury rigging had an entry added, which is related to junk to gold.

changes to containers: a ton of containers had things added to them

scripts: shotgun traps had their scripts changed to give you shotgun parts for disabling the traps. this bit is therefore incompatible with other mods that make changes to that script (such as JIP CC&C). if you don't know about scripting, you'll just need to make whichever version you prefer to be your overwrite in your merge patch

thanks to everyone's who's helped me learn to mod better, thanks to TrickyVein for the Splatterizer mesh, thanks to RickWizard for the recipe for shoulder mounts, thanks to everyone else who's given me tips and pointed out problems in the previous versions. thanks to bethesda and obsidian etc.

update 4.4:

fixed the 12.7mm SMG recipe output so you can craft those again without wasting parts and wondering if i'm an idiot
changed the formids of all the tokens and weapons in the mod so that the formlists can be sorted by xEdit for merging purposes and you can muck about with the mod without remembering to turn that option off