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millenia and micalov

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Updated unofficial compatibility patch for GRA and Millenia\'s Weapon Retexture Project.

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Unofficial WRP GRA Patch Version 2.0

by Millenia base assets, mesh and texture edits done after by

Version :2.0

Date :08/13/2012

Category:Models and Textures

Mod's Website :http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/50279//?
This mod requires the Gun Runner's Arsenal DLC to work.


Updated unofficial compatibility patch for GRA and Millenia's Weapon Retexture

*Requires WRP*



New version of compatability patch for Millenias WRP and GRA with edited textures based on
Millenias textures to closer match the original colour of the GRA weapons but with the
improved textures of WRP.

Alot a few mesh edits to allow them to fit the meshes like redoing the 12.7mm pistol.

Weapons effected:

12.7mm unique pistol

Assault Carbine

Medicine Stick

Unique Hunting Rifle

AM Rifle

Hunting Revolver

5.56 Pistol

Battle Rifle

Sleepy Time


Nov 2012- Finished most the Mod

May 2013 Release

Known Issues and Bugs

The reload animation on the hunting revolver does not correctly reload with 6
bulllets but this is present in the original mesh.


The idea of the mod was to be ESP free but unfortunately the way they did the hunting
revolver pistol and ESP is needed but it only changes the first person static entry so mods
that edit the weapon themselves aslong as they do not change another mesh should work.

Any mod that changes the mesh or textures of the GRA weapons wont work.


micalov on the Nexus Forums


Millenia for the base UV edits of the default meshes and the awesome WRP.

Madcat for the Hunting rifle cleaned mesh.

Micalov for the texture and mesh edits to fit GRA.

Dark0ne for creating the Nexus to be a great place to host mods and chill.

Manual installation

Extract the files to your data folder and activate the ESP.

Manual Uninstallation

Delete the extracted files.

Tools Used:

Extra Tools Used

Fallout Mod Manager.

Legal and Licensing

You can not reuse, rehost this file in part or whole without the express permission
of millena.

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