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Fixes non-playing sex sounds for some sexual encounters and adds them to other encounters which were missing them.

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This bug fix is included in Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch (YUP)
If you're looking for a single file that fixes all your bugs, why not give YUP a shot?

UPDATE: Stored the fixed sound files as loose files rather than in a BSA, as some people were still unable to hear them.
So to preface, this probably isn't what you would call an "essential" bug fix. If you don't have this bug fix your gaming experience isn't going to be significantly lessened, and you aren't going to be missing out on some useful content. Your game will continue on just fine without installing this. Now, that being said, let's discuss what this bug fix does:

This bug fix restores orgasm noises to the game.


Alright, seriously, this was a bug, weird as it was. The game included sound files for these "encounters", but thanks to some heavily mangled ogg headers they wouldn't play correctly. The simple solution was to decompress these ogg files to WAV, which I've done.

A secondary issue was that many of the sexual encounters you can participate in just don't have any sounds associated with them at all. The sounds are available for these encounters (header issues notwithstanding), but they simply weren't invoked. This too was pretty easy to fix; in this case it just involved duplicating one of the existing "Sex FX" quests (with some tweaks) and making it generic enough to be used by the encounters that were missing sounds.


The following NPCs had "broken" sounds that were fixed with a simple sound conversion:

- Fisto
- Joana
- Red Lucy
- Sarah

The following NPCs were also missing the appropriate script calls for sex sounds:

- Dazzle
- Jimmy
- Maude
- Sweetie


One half of the fixes in this are accomplished simply by extracting the "sound" folder into your game's Data folder. The fixed files match the names that the base game expects for WAV versions of the sounds and will be played automatically.

This bug fix replaces the delightfully named OrgasmFixer by darksecret7. Darksecret7 fixed most of the problems related to sex sounds but apparently left the Nexus before they could complete fixes for the rest. This mod should be considered a continuation of that work, at least in spirit.