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Added: 22/04/2013 - 02:26AM
Updated: 28/05/2013 - 03:33AM

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Last updated at 3:33, 28 May 2013 Uploaded at 2:26, 22 Apr 2013

*M40a5 for Fallout:New Vegas v1.0*


I tweaked a little specular maps, so the weapon is not so bright on the direct sun and I also fixed the scope problem. All weapons now have proper magnification. Funny is that in the original file, all weapons had the same settings yet one acted like it has no magnification at all. Geck works in mysterious ways.

Also if you want to have original sound for the rifle, download the optional pack (keep in mind I am no sound engineer and I could not find good source file, but it should do the trick).

Models included in this mod are rather high-poly, so you might notice some performance drop on slower machines.

So you wanted M40a5, here it is. During Geck work I encountered few problems, so the file is a little bigger, but

at least it is working. When I released WIP images of the rifle, few of you noticed that it kinda reassemble

borderland style. So I decided to pursue this concept a little, so what you have in this mod is m40a5 with 3 skins:
- Skin that I already showed you
- Alternative more cartoonish version
- Night cartoonish camo pattern
Also there are for every version 2 mods available, bipod and suppressor. One last thing to say, I do not like how

the gun turned out, but some of you might like it, so have fun. Oh and you can buy it at Gunrunners as always.

Just extract the archive into the game folder.

For Ideas, comments, suggestions etc. mail me:
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