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Adds a small voiced and dialogued companion to the Mojave, by the name of Balls. He is useful and evil. Has his own quest aswell. He is a sick idea created by the evil mastermind that is Al.

Permissions and credits
Balls the talking Dog Companion, now with a quest and dialogue!

As the song goes
"It's Balls, the talking dog, he's your favorite pal, and he sleeps like a log?
It's Balls the talking dog, it's got a secret, what could it be? I TALK!"

This is a new, fully dialogued companion based off of AlChestBreach's idea of Balls. An Evil dog who does evil things. He is however not just evil, but also powerful-he can take on a fully grown radscorpion with ease! He should serve you well, but try not to get him angry :D

He can be found near Primm, that little playground next to the NCR Tents.

He is fully dialogued and voice acted companion
Has his own quest in which the player can embark on- activated via a dialogue option
Edited stats so he isn't useless-In fact he's powerful (but not godmode)
A script in which his health resets after battle
Has all of the standard companion functions- wait,trade,follow,dismiss

Make a texture
Make a working companion wheel
Expand quest (maybe)

Did you enjoy the mod?
If you enjoyed the mod please feel free to endorse! I don't normally say this but because this mod was on a larger scale (Quests, Lip syncing and Voice acting), It would be much appreciated!

Credit to-
Penguirony- The person who made the follower dog that was born into Balls :D
AlChestBreach- For the dialogue and being a legend!
Me-For being lazy