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Turns the non-interactive Grinding Wheel found at Caesar's Legion camps into a workstation you can use to sharpen (repair) your bladed weapons.

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UPDATE v5: Added Spiked Knuckles and Love and Hate to the list of weapons the Grinding Wheel will repair, per a suggestion from my wife. As with the Bladed Gauntlet and the Cram Opener, these will be repaired based on either your Unarmed or Repair skills, whichever is higher.
I do a lot of mods which boil down to "that looks/seems cool, why isn't it useful?" The Bottle Cap Press, Counterfeit Bottle Caps, every miscellaneous item ever... basically, I don't like things lying dormant when there's so much potential.

Enter the Grinding Wheel. It's a nifty looking - animated even - bit of set dressing found at The Fort, in Caesar's tent, and Legate Lanius' camp. If you stand around long enough you can even watch Legion members sharpening their Machetes on them. However, if you try to do the same thing you can't: there's no way to interact with it.

This shall not stand.

I have modified the Grinding Wheel so that it is now interactive. If you activate the Grinding Wheel it will check your currently equipped weapon. If it detects it as a bladed weapon it will repair (sharpen) the weapon. The amount it repairs the weapon to is based directly on your Melee Weapons or Repair skill, whichever is greater; if you have a 75 Melee Weapons skill, it will repair the weapon to 75% health, so on and so forth. If your weapon is in better condition than what the Grinding Wheel can repair it to (or if its not a bladed weapon at all) it will not do anything.


The Grinding Wheel determines what weapons it will repair based on weapon characteristics and what lists the weapons appear in. In general it is limited to one- or two-handed, non-automatic Melee weapons which are either covered by the Cowboy perk or which appear in the "VPoisonWeapons" internal Form List. The latter list consists exclusively of weapons which can cut, including those added by DLCs and the like. Basically if your weapon has a blade and no motor or fire, it's found in VPoisonWeapons.

Though they do not fall into the above specifications, the Bladed Gauntlet and Cram Opener are both able to be repaired by the Grinding Wheel, as well as Spiked Knuckles and Love and Hate.

Some bladed weapons cannot be repaired by the Grinding Wheel. Though not a full list, these include:

Shishkebab and Gehenna
Cosmic Knife and variants, including Knife Spears

The Grinding Wheel should work for mod weapons, provided they are added to either the VPoisonWeapons list or the list used by the Cowboy perk. I have no idea how many mod authors actually bother adding their weapons to either of those lists, but technically they should be. If your favorite weapon doesn't work with the Grinding Wheel, consider bugging the mod author.