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Replaces many instances of non-interactive fungus decorations with pickable Cave Fungus. Does not (necessarily) require Honest Hearts.

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I thought Honest Hearts added something really, really cool to the game: a harvestable version of Cave Fungus scattered throughout Zion's caves, providing a ready source of the item for anyone willing to stop and pick it. I liked it... so much that I really wished something like that had been present in the main game, especially since Cave Fungus was so damnably rare otherwise. Thus, I tried my hand at correcting it.

The most obvious solution was to simply replace some of the non-interactive fungus "decorations" in the game with the special ones found in Honest Hearts. A few minutes in FNVEdit, done. Easy. But why stop there? What about people who don't have Honest Hearts?

That proved surprisingly easy as well. A little time in nifskope, some copy-pasting of mesh data from the non-interactive fungus shape into an existing harvestable item (banana yucca, in this case) and bingo, one pickable Cave Fungus shape that changes when you pick it. A little scripting in the GECK, some more replacing in FNVEdit, and done. Not too hard either.

The end result is that you can now harvest Cave Fungus in the Mojave Wasteland proper with or without the Honest Hearts DLC.


Each download (normal and ''No Honest Hearts'') includes multiple files, one which modifies only the Mojave, and another which also modifies areas of the Big MT (Old World Blues). USE ONLY ONE ESP, NOT BOTH. If you want to be able to pick normal Cave Fungus in the Big MT's caves, use the "with OWB" version.

If you enable this mod while in an interior/cell that has Cave Fungus placed in it they may visually appear to be picked, though you will still be able to pick them. This is caused by existing Honest Hearts code which is not set up to handle an object being placed in an occupied cell (nor was there any reason for it to be set up that way). Fortunately this is a visual issue only, and will not stop you from harvesting Cave Fungus.