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1950\'s Radio Space Series: Space Patrol 33 Episodes

Permissions and credits
This is the 1950's radio space series: Space Patrol

There are 33 episodes in this radio mod, approximately 28 minutes each.
* Included are Space Patrol merchandising & cereal commercials + public service announcements.
* There are 96 episodes in the series (linked at bottom), but most are not audible enough to enjoy ingame.
All availability for this series on the internet appears to stem from the same source, so I have only retained the audible episodes that I sampled myself.
* Note that I have configured the mod to play them randomly as the Pip-boy typically doesnt retain the play order upon relogging, which would result in listening to the same episodes over and over if they were sequential.

Regarding the station name... The show is portrayed primarily as a log of Space-A-Phone communications and events, not as a story telling adventure like X-1, so I went with that.
* The idea being it sounds like you've got a current feed tap into the United Planets Space Patrol satellite communications relay, eavesdropping as it were via some long abandoned radio antenna still operating somewhere in the wasteland.

This is effectively a port of my Fallout3 station by the same name: http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/17405

Manual Installation
I've created the directories that should exist already in your Fallout NV directory structure. No overwriting should be necessary. Ergo, place the SP_Comm_Relay2 directory in your Data/sound/songs directory, and the ESP file in the Data directory.

Delete the SP_Comm_Relay2 folder and the Space_Patrol_Comm._Relay.esp file.

I've noticed some quirky behavior for mod NV radio stations that I didnt experience in Fallout 3. To the best of my troubleshooting, I see nothing wrong with the mod, so I'm assuming it's just a NV thing. Especially since I've seen it occurring with other mod stations.

However, I have workarounds in case anyone experiences them, so I'm posting them here. The issues only appear to affect the first time landing of the station. After it's in and saved, these haven't resurfaced in my testing.

Q: When I bring up the Pip-boy after installing the mod, Space Patrol doesn't appear.
A: I didn't include a script that alerts you textually to the discovery of the station, so it will merely appear automatically. But please do wait 10 seconds before bringing up the Pip-boy the first time to give it time to load.

Q: I waited 10 seconds, but it's still not appearing, regardless of what I do.
A: I've noticed that when adding in multiple mods simultaneously (possibly just multiple mod radio stations) for the first time into a clean save (a save that did not previously include the new mods), Space Patrol (and others) may not appear in the Pip-boy. If this happens, let all mods completely load and then save it. Exit out of the game (and NMM/FOMM) and then come back in. It should be there.

Greyfox - For the original F3 mod that introduced me to Space Patrol.
* http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2437
Zoot Radio - For hosting Space Patrol and many radio classics (all 96 episodes are here).
* http://zootradio.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_rsfiles&view=files&folder=Space_Patrol&Itemid=474
ABC for creating the show and making it public domain.