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Update 2.1 (7/24/2013) (for Audio description, see the next section below)
/ Radio station billboards and posters have been peppered through the Mojave.
/ An X-1 Radio station house has been added (near Cottonwood Cove). The station also doubles as a player home. Included amenities...
* Chemlab
* Autodoc
* Weapon, casino, and bartending vendors
* All gambling stations
* Custom voiced NPCs
* Easter eggs peppered throughout the home.
* All crafting stations
* The house is house is container heavy, all of which are set not to respawn.
* For the functional interfaces of the home, I have included FAQ clicky signs relevant to the tools/features that local to.
* Fully navmeshed for companion and NPC support.
* A variety of smaller features that I believe are important to player homes.
/ Also included is the Sortomatic autosorting system created by Tunaisafish and updated by Gribbleshnibit8. Includes...
* Native sorting for most items, and adaptive learning for new items.
* Crafting stations that pull materials from containers.
* Stocking displays for Ammo, Weapons and Books/Mags.
* I also included a custom terminal for explaining Sortomatic features for what I consider to be the most powerful and granular sorting system available.
/ I took the liberty of ensuring that the billboards were appropriate spaced out from native one and Wave Radio's.
/ Warning! There are lakelurks in the vicinity. Be prepared for a fight when you arrive!

Note: 2.0 to 2.1 Update did not add anything. It was merely for housecleaning purposes.

/ The Sortomatic v1.22 with Hotfix: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/41142/?tab=1&navtag=%2Fajax%2Fmoddescription%2F%3Fid%3D41142%26preview%3D&pUp=1
* Install the "Sortomatic_v1_2" Main File & the "Sortomatic_v1_22Hotfix" Update. (other files are not needed)
* Note: If a new version of the Sortomatic releases, the house will NOT support it without a revamp of the mod.
* Gribbleshnibit8 tells me that he will keep old versions available for download if a new one releases.
/ Lonesome Road is required for both the X-1 home and the Sortomatic.
* The other 3 DLC's are not required.
/ NVSE: http://nvse.silverlock.org/

Manual Installation (NMM/FOMM preferred)
I recommend using NMM or FOMM to land it, but the manual install would be:
1/ Install the Sortomatic and NVSE if you haven't already.
2/ Unzip the file and you'll see it's from the Data directory on down. Copy it to your data directory without overwrite. There should be no conflicts.
3/ Copy the ESP file to your Data directory, overwriting the original X-1 ESP if you had it.

Manual Uninstallation
Delete the ESP file, the X-1 directories under textures and meshes, and the X-1 directories under Sound/Fx/Obj, Sound/Songs and Sound/Voice.

Note: I will keep available radio-station-only file in case the housing and Sortomatic files are not desired.

---------------Original Mod Details Below--------------------

This is the 1950's Radio Sci-Fi Mystery Program: X Minus One (this section is for just the radio mod, no house)
* The episodes are radioplay adaptations of popular sci-fi tales and books of the time, including Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein and Frederick Pohl, etc.
* The content is primarily future/space/alien, as seen through the 50's era vision of man's space faring future.
* According to my research, this is the most popular and successful sci-fi program of old time radio.
* There are 51 episodes in this radio mod, ranging anywhere from 18-28 minutes in length (some with nostalgic commercials peppered in). There are 126 episodes in total. But some were inappropriate for the Wasteland, some poorly reviewed and some were difficult to hear clearly. So these 51 are effectively cherry picked. I was NOT trying to save space. I was attempting to be true to Fallout.
* I have configured the mod to play them randomly. The series is entirely episodic, so none are linked. It was necessary to randomize them as the pipboy does not retain your place on a relog. Hence you'd end up hearing the same introductory episodes over and over.
* The episodes are public domain collected from Archive.org (linked below).

This is effectively a port of the Fallout 3 X-1 station I created previously: http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/17672

I've created the directories that should exist already in your Fallout NV directory structure. No overwriting should be necessary. Ergo, place the X-1_Tales_of_Wonder! directory in your Data/sound/songs directory, and the ESP file in the Data directory.

Delete the X-1_Tales_of_Wonder! folder and the X-1_Tales_of_Wonder!.esp file.

I've noticed some quirky behavior for mod NV radio stations that I didnt experience in Fallout 3. To the best of my troubleshooting, I see nothing wrong with the mod, so I'm assuming it's just a NV thing. Especially since I've seen it occurring with other mod stations.

However, I have workarounds in case anyone experiences them, so I'm posting them here. The issues only appear to affect the first time landing of the station. After it's in and saved, these haven't resurfaced in my testing.

Q: When I bring up the Pip-boy after installing the mod, X-1 doesn't appear.
A: I didn't include a script that alerts you textually to the discovery of X-1, so it will merely appear automatically. But please do wait 10 seconds before bringing up the Pip-boy the first time to give it time to load. If you don't, it may not show up. If you did wait (or if you didn't) and it's not appearing in the list, click the last radio station in your list, which has effect of making stations at the end of the list (alphabetically) pop, and my station starts with an X.

Q: I waited 10 seconds, but it's still not appearing, regardless of what I do.
A: I've noticed that when adding in multiple mods simultaneously (possibly just multiple mod radio stations) for the first time into a clean save (a save that did not previously include the new mods), X-1 (and others) may not appear in the Pip-boy. If this happens, let all mods completely load and then save it. Exit out of the game (and NMM/FOMM) and then come back in. X-1 should be there.

Q: X-1 plays for a few seconds (5-10), cuts off, and then starts looping with this pattern.
A: I don't expect anyone to run across this. It happened on both of my test systems after I had completed building the station. I played with a few settings in the GECK that I didn't really think would have any effect, but it stopped shortly thereafter. If this does happen though, I would try both loading a clean save, and relaunching the game with an X-1 save.