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Changes and expands upon a number of recipes in Imp\\\'s More Complex Needs

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One of the first things I noticed when I started using Imp\'s More Complex needs was that it changed a lot of recipes, making it much harder and more cumbersome to craft a lot of food items. Later, I realized that this may not have been entirely intentional, as many of the recipes were essentially the same as the ones in the main game prior to patch The first thing I ever did to IMCN was directly edit my copy of the file to revert these changes, so I could actually use the Mass Purified Water recipe myself and cook a Brahmin steak without needing wine. Recently, I decided to migrate these changes into their own file, and I came up with a few new recipes while I was doing so.

The changes made by this mod are as follows:
Mass Purified Water (Survival 50): Takes 5 Dirty Water, 2 Pressure Cookers, 1 Surgical Tubing. Yields 4 Purified Water, 1 Water Bottle, 2 Pressure Cookers, 1 Surgical Tubing.
Mass Purified Water (Large) (Survival 50): Similar to Mass Purified Water, but uses Big Dirty Water and yields Big Purified Water.
Enhanced Purified Water(Survival 75): Takes 10 Irradiated Water, 1 RadAway, 2 Surgical Tubing, and 2 Pressure Cookers. Yields 8 Purified Water, 2 Water Bottles, 2 Surgical Tubing, and 2 Pressure Cookers.
Enhanced Purified Water (Large) (Survival 75): Same as above, but with Big Irradiated Water and Big Purified Water.
Brahmin Steak (Survival 35): Takes 1 Brahmin Meat, yields 2 Brahmin Steaks. Simple as that. You can cook beef without marinating it, guys.
Gecko Kebab (Survival 60): Recipe is exactly the same as current vanilla F:NV, but yields 3 Gecko Kabobs.

Additionally, brewing coffee at a coffee machine now uses the Science skill instead of the Survival skill, as you\'re essentially making 200 year old machine run off a power source that it was never intended to use. However, you can now make the same recipes at a campfire using your Survival skill if you have a coffee pot with you, and all these recipes now give you back your water bottle. (Cowboy Coffee is still the best option in terms of coffee beans in:stimulant out.)

If anyone has any other recipes they think should be changed or added, let me know and I will do so.