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Unique hunting revolver, found in the cap counterfeiting shack. Preview for my Mister 880 quest.

Permissions and credits
Name: Margaret
Version: 1.00
Date: 3/21/13
Category: Weapons
Author: becauseofreasons

A slightly upgraded, re-textured Ranger Sequoia. Heavier and more powerful, with a slightly slower rate of fire. Found with a box of .45-70 ammo in the cap counterfeiting shack. Something of a preview for my Mister 880 quest mod.

Install / Uninstall / Upgrade
Install with FOMM, NVMM or manually (throw everything in fallout new vegas\data and merge the subfolders).

Unknown. Let me know if y'all find any.

Known issues or bugs
I've received a report that the mod gives a missing mesh error. Let me know if this is the case. With version 1.01, this seems to be alleviated.

Version 1.00 - 3/23/13
Initial release.
Version 1.01 - 3/24/13
Hopefully fixed some issues people were having.

Reach me on the forums as becauseofreasons.

Ask me if you'd like to use it in a compendium of mods.

Ranger Sequoia mesh from Obsidian.
Metal textures from Wojtar Stock.
Rust and grime textures from textureking.com.
Floral patterns by Arachnophobia.