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Implements the cut \"Surprise\" vending machine redemption options.

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Lurking in the files for Dead Money are six unimplemented Vending Machine redemption options: the "Surprise" options. Apparently these options were meant to give you a randomly determined item, rather than a set option.

Unfortunately the limitations of the Gamebryo engine made these options mostly unworkable. The intended method (giving you a Leveled Item List) causes a crash when you try to examine the item received. So close....

Fortunately, I have entirely too much time on my hands and felt like tinkering. The result is that I've found a workaround method that allows for the intended effect: redeem Sierra Madre chips, receive a random item. I have restored/added six redemption options for this:

Strange Chem
Surprise Aid Item
Surprise Card
Surprise Crafting Item
Surprise Drink
Surprise Food

Each option is fairly self-explanatory, giving you one random item from a list of possible results, some good, some bad. A gamble, in other words. You might get your money's worth out of the option, or pay way too much for a bottle of water. Ahh, luck, she is cruel.


The Surprise Card option has a chance of giving you any card from the Sierra Madre set, except for the five cards needed for the ''Dead Man's Hand'' challenge. Notably, this does include the 33 cards you are normally unable to obtain during gameplay.