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Adds a lore-friendly way to counteract the Toxic Cloud and Radios in the Dead Money DLC, without breaking the game! Adds a working Gas Mask, plus a working Cogwave Signal Jammer to block radio interference, plus a stash of items to give your character the edge in the Sierra Villa!

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Obviously, this mod REQUIRES Dead Money DLC!

This mod adds a much more lore-friendly way to deal with the infamous Toxic Clouds and Radios in the Dead Money DLC.

It adds 100% working Gas Masks to the game that fully protect your character from the Toxic Cloud.

It also adds a Mobile Cogwave Signal Jammer that can be used to temporarily jam the radio signals that interfere with your collar, TRIPLING the amount of time you have before they detonate!

You can find these items at the entrance to the Police Station in a suitcase marked as, "Raine's Dead Money Survival Gear".

Raine's survival gear includes:

5 Stimpacks - to get you started
10 Bobbypins - for locks, obviously
2 Weapon Repair Kits - you'll need 'em
5 Frag Mines - for blowing fools up
1 Fire Axe - the reason for this should be obvious. If not, you'll find out!
3 Dead Money Gas Masks - to preserve lore, one for you, and extras for your companions!
1 Mobile Cogwave Signal Jammer - to jam those pesky radios
45 Microfusion Cells - to get you started



I have collaborated with TheLozza, author of the awesome mod, Gas Masks Of The World, to add the Toxic Cloud protection scripts to his masks so they can also be worn in Dead Money! Coming soon . . .


Keep in mind that the Cogwave Signal Jammer DOES NOT prevent your collar from exploding if your companions die! It weakens the interference caused by radios throughout the Sierra Villa, and TRIPLES the amount of time you have to either destroy them, or get out of range before your collar detonates. It is reusable, so simply listen for those beeps as they start to speed up, and then fire it again! When you see the message saying "Your collar starts to beep faster", that is usually a good time to use the Signal Jammer to jam up the signals again!

I created this as a personal mod to make Dead Money less frustrating, without breaking the feel of the content, or robbing it of the gameplay. I've read so many criticisms of mods that simply deactivate the clouds and radios, saying they miss the point, that hopefully this will be a fun alternative for people who want to preserve the lore, but could do without the constant hassle of the Clouds and Radios. Enjoy!

Mods That Work GREAT With Dead Money Survival Gear!

TheLozza's Gas Masks Of The World

As a result of a collaboration, a special Dead Money edition of Gas Masks of the World will feature the scripts used in this mod to add Toxic Cloud protection to Lozza's gas masks! Roam the Sierra Villa in style, without worrying about being poisoned along the way!

RJHelm84's Return To Sierra Madre

The signature mod that I used to test out this mod. Allows you to return to, and free roam the Sierra Madre after the main quest! Explore and collect valuables that you left behind! Finding the Sierra Madre is easy. The hard part . . . is letting go!

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