Fallout New Vegas

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A secret Pre-War military complex has been hidden away untouched from the apocalypse. Find this bunker and claim it for yourself and see all it has to offer. Features: Player home, Vertibird traveling, Equipment display shelves, orbital missiles, and more!

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  • Version 3.0-beta now available!
  • The new version 3.0-beta of this mod is now available. I've been testing the mod as I've been fixing stuff so it is mostly working if you are starting it fresh. I don't know how it will play with existing saves with older versions installed. I will be doing a full play-through test of my mod in a couple of days but could use some help testing. Please leave comments if you encounter any issues in version 3.0 so I can fix bugs before final release. Thanks!

Mod Description=
  • A secret pre-war military bunker complex has been hidden away, untouched by the apocalypse, never seeing operation status. As the Great War abruptly started just before the facility was complete the bunker was never staffed. Find this base, claim it for yourself, and discover what other secrets it has to offer.

  • This mod adds a "player-home" like bunker facility into an unused part of the New Vegas wasteland. It features several quests and progression towards unlocking some of the bunker's features.


  • Use a mod manager to install this mod. Be it Nexus Mod Manager, Fallout Mod Manager, or Mod Organizer 2.
  • Manual way: Extract the archive contents to your /Fallout New Vegas/Data directory.

  • Multi-floored bunker facility with toggle-able features using terminals or MCM
  • Equipment shelves with visual displays
  • Multiple additional miscellaneous quests
  • Services NPCs, such as a Merchant, Doctor, Mechanic (repairs). and Bartender (food)
  • A Vertibird and pilot to pick you up and transport you throughout the wasteland
  • Orbital missiles after completing relevant quests
  • "Mannequin" NPCs to display your armor
  • Weapon collection wall room to display your weapon collection
  • Robo-Builder 3000 , create a variety of robotic companions
  • Barracks Command , create a variety of NPC companions