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New 2048x2048 resolution textures for beards

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HQ Beards[/size]
by Drumber

New High Resolution textures for beards
And 7 new optional beards (disable the esp if you don't want the new beards, you will still get the new textures on vanilla beards)
Still got some left to do/re-do
May do hair textures
New beard style suggestions welcome

Adds new 2048x2048 resolution textures for beards which are 8 times the size of the vanilla 256x256 textures (slightly overkill I know so I will upload 1048x1048 and 512x512 resolution textures as well). I have also added 6 new beards (and counting). I still have a few beard textures left and I want to redo some of the ones that I have done which is why this is a Beta release, it's also a beta so I can improve on the ones currently made before the 1.0 version. I tried to make them as close to the vanilla beards as possible including hair colour and even where the hair is placed which was pretty tedious, however if you think some beards are a bit too off in colouring or look very different from the vanilla beard I will gladly give them another go.

Install Instructions
Place the textures in the Fallout New Vegas data folder or alternatively use NMM or FOMM.

ENB causes some bugs with hair where it shows the outline of the mesh/alpha channel (I haven't decided which one is causing the bug yet) it is less obvious with SSAO off but it's only a small bug and most people haven't even noticed it.

Future Update/Mods
Finish the rest of the beard textures
Possibly do a few extra beards that people want to see in there game. (Post a picture of the beard you want)
Considering doing Hair textures although maybe not all of them as there is a lot


Mod suggestions
Spice of Life (Awesome mod)
Blackout ENB
Midhrastic ENB
NMC Texture Pack
Ojo Bueno
Mojave Nights

Not compatible with any other mod that retextures beards (there isn't one that I know of apart from one that just changes the resolution and adds a sharpen effect so it's not really a retexture).

Some of the beards are slightly transparent although it isn't noticeable unless you are looking at them pretty close, this is also a vanilla problem and I am not sure how to fix it. If anybody knows PM me.

Archive Invalidation
If you aren't seeing the new and improved beards in game go into NMM click on the tool icon at the top and toggle archive invalidation on and off, or turn it on and off using FOMM. Alternatively if you don't use NMM or FOMM which I highly recommend you do, use this ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated.
Or I may just not of done that beard yet!