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Allows you to use Camp Grills and Barbecue Grills for crafting Campfire recipes.

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UPDATE: Added a similar effect for Barbecue Grills. There's only six in the base game but it still matters to me dammit.

UPDATEx2: Also added a complimentary file which changes over all instances of Camp and Barbecue Grills in Honest Hearts.
Yet another ''why wasn't this in the base game?'' mod, at least if you ask me.

This mod does one very simple thing: it changes all static Camp Grills and Barbecue Grills into interactive objects you can use to craft Campfire recipes at. It seems odd that you can't cook a Gecko Kebab on a grill that's made for cooking, but you can over some burning hunks of wood. The whole thing is also doubly ironic because many of the campsites you come across don't actually have any sort of proper Campfire in them. This seemed wrong... so I fixed it.

Nothing more to say. Install, enjoy the couple dozen more places you can make Campfire recipes at.

...erm... well... I have nothing more to say. MCD, on the other hand...

Many thanks to MCDofficial for the review. And having a classy accent. ^_^