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Ever read Issue #47 of ¡La Fantoma!? It\'s pretty good. I think; I can\'t actually read Spanish.

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You can learn a lot from reading magazines. Not nearly as much as from a full-length book, but if you've really got a knack for what you're reading about, it's not unlikely that you'll find something on one of those crumbling pages that's going to stick with you.

With this mod, skill magazines still give you their appropriate temporary bonus based on your perks, but they also have a chance to give you a permanent bonus to their relevant skill. The percent chance roughly equal to the sum of your permanent Intelligence, Luck, and the SPECIAL stat relevant to the skill you're reading about. The Retention perk adds a 50% bonus to this value. If the skill happens to be one of your TAG skills (remember those?) you get +2 to it; otherwise, you get +1.

TL;DR: Every now and then after you read a skill magazine, you'll get a Pip-Boy message saying how interesting the magazine was. That means you get a permanent skill point! Yay!

Update: I've now added an optional version that works based on your current SPECIAL rather than your permanent SPECIAL, as in the original. That means if you take some Buffout and read Boxing times, or read Salesman Weekly while drunk, you're more likely to get a permanent skill point.