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Allows you to wear some faction armors without getting disguised, while still maintaining the possibility of disguising

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Raestloz's Faction Armor Usage Enhancement

"Man, NCR is badass. I mean, democracy? Come on! Eat lead, Legion!
Oh, hey, look! An NCR armor! I'm a true NCRian man, I'm so wearing this!"

NCR Fame reduced to zero.



Have you ever encountered the above situation? You support a faction so much you wear their armor, but suddenly all your good deeds to said faction go kaput?

The usual "solution" to such ridiculosity is to disable the faction disguise altogether, but the faction disguise was actually meant to allow you to slip undetected past the mooks and do the faction-related quest. This is a workaround in case you really,really hate a faction but want to do one of their sidequests for gits and shiggles, so you can stroll in, take the quest, and get out.

So, taking out the disguise system entirely is too much, what then?

========ENTER THIS MOD========

This mod changes the disguise system to only work with armor sets that factually and literally covers your whole body and face, essentially making you indistinguishable from other people with the same outfit. Other than that, wearing a faction armor will only increase your fame with that faction by precisely 2 points, which will be taken out when you no longer wear that faction's armor (or went undercover with disguise). When you're hard-pressed for fame, 2 points could make the difference between liked and idolized.

So, this allows you to stroll around in faction armor without taking out the disguise system altogether, while giving you an incentive to wear a faction armor. Best of all three worlds.

========AFFECTED ARMORS========

In order to maintain the disguise system, I make certain armor combinations function as the usual disguise, while others do not. Here's a list of what armors only give fame and which combination yields disguise:

NCR armors:
Standard NCR military armor give you fame except face wrap armor, which functions as a disguise.
Ranger Combat Armor gives fame, but when worn with Ranger Combat Helmet functions as disguise
NCR Salvaged Power Armor gives fame, but when worn with NCR Salvaged Power Helmet functions as disguise.
NCR Engineer Jumpsuit only gives fame

Note that NCR ranger clothes (like ranger scarf outfit or ranger vest) do not have any function.

Brotherhood of Steel:
Scribe armor only gives fame
Both Brotherhood of Steel T45D and T51B power armors give fame, but when worn with their respective helmet functions as disguise

Great Khans:
All Great Khans armor except Soldier armor only give fame. Because they don't cover the face. Soldier armor is left out to maintain the disguise system. No real reason for choosing Soldier armor.

Powder Gangers:
All Powder Gangers armor except Soldier armor only give fame. Because they don't cover the face. Soldier armor is left out to maintain the disguise system. I chose Soldier armor to match Great Khan's Soldier armor

Caesar's Legion:
Caesar's Legion are fanatical bunch, they'd know something's wrong if you don't follow the rules
Centurion armor, Caesar's armor and Praetorian armor only give fame. Centurion set doesn't cover the face while Caesar's and Praetorian armor don't have matching helmet.
Explorer, Prime, Recruit, Veteran and Vexillarius armors give fame, but when worn with their respective helmets (including Decanus version) function as disguise, because they all cover the face.

Note that slave armors do not have any function

1. This mod relies heavily on vanilla values for each faction's Fame point limit. If any mod modifies them, things will screw up.

2. If you obtain maximum fame with a faction while wearing said faction's armor listed above, the moment you take off the armor your fame will go down by 2 points, robbing you of max fame status (e.g. Idolized to Liked). There's no workaround for this, and I'm not going to do anything about it. You're on PC, use console command to give you your deserved fame.


NMM Installation
Just download with NMM and activate. No hassle

Manual Installation
Just download the zip package and unzip it to your Data folder. Nothing else is contained in that pack. Keep it simple.

This mod will conflict with any mod that modifies the faction outfit warning scripts and mods that modify faction headgears I mentioned above, because in vanilla faction headgears don't have scripts. Most prominently would be Inventory Sorting mod.

I highly recommend using FNVEdit to deal with those.

MMUE team for their faction outfit scripts and fixes on the headgears
Me, for creating this.

========BETA VERSION WARNING========
If you survived that reading fest up there, you're worthy of a modest warning.

I've extensively tested NCR and Great Khans part of this mod, but haven't tested the other factions (namely, I hate Legion). That's why the version is 0.8. I'm but a man, and I need people that use this in actual gameplay for accurate bug catching. Please report any bugs you find in comments section. Thank you.