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A very small mod that adds a retextured 1st Recon Helmet to the game.

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[size=40] 1st Recon Helmet [/size]


Tweaked Non-faction Version Available Now by Mohamed2001

Non-faction Version Available Now by mm01

Version 1.4 - User Requested Neck Cover Uploaded!

Version 1.4 Project Nevada Compatibility Patch Uploaded!

A really great mod spotlight; be sure to check out his page!

Another great mod spotlight; be sure to check out his page!


[size="4"]I made this mod for myself when I noticed how well the Ranger Combat Helmet suited regular NCR trooper armors. A few users requested the mod be uploaded and I obliged. The new 1st Recon Armor was also added as of version 1.2 to facilitate a user request.[/size]


[size="4"]This small mod adds a new retextured 1st Recon Helmet to the game. The helmet can be found in several locations including the 1st Recon Bunk Tent in Camp McCarran, the Ranger Safe House, and several other locations. Because it's such a personalized item, it has not been added to any form lists.

Have fun!

[size="5"]-Version History-[/size]

[size="4"]Version 1.0 Original helmet uploaded; no armor or neck cover.

Version 1.2 added a playable retexture of Boone's 'Assault Armor.' This too can be found in some of the same locatios as the helmet.

Version 1.3 added form fitting armor and should be pipboy friendly. Big thanks to the generous 'dragbody' for his modder's resources

Version 1.4 added helmet neck cover created by the talented Nexus user 'Gopher' for his 'Ranger Helmet Neck Cover' mod.


[size="4"]This mod has no known compatibility issues.[/size]

[size="5"]-Known Issues- [/size]

[size="4"]No known issues.

Please remember that this mod was designed to my own personal tastes and was uploaded for the sole purpose of facilitating any others who share it. If there are any mod or game breaking issues, please notify me. Otherwise, if there is anything you don't like about this mod, please feel free to change it yourself.


[size="4"]Extract the mod contents into a folder of your choosing, place the 'textures' and 'meshes' folders into your New Vegas 'data' folder.

If updating from a previous version; simply override files when presented the option.


[size="4"]Simply remove the crap this mod puts in :P[/size]

[size="5"]-License Issues-[/size]

[size="4"]As always, please feel free to use my assets however you like; any credits would be greatly appreciated. Not all of this work is mine! [/size]


[size="4"]Huge thanks to dragbody for his 'First Recon - Modder Resource' meshes

Another big thanks to Gopher for his 'Ranger Helmet Neck Cover' resources