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A thoroughly-tweaked ENB designed to be playable, high quality, consistent. Based on the latest binaries and code contributions, featuring a healthy dose of original enbeffect.fx code. Developed and tested with Project Reality Mk1

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HOUSE 2013

JUST RELEASED: Nevada Skies URWLified version: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/49572/

Features functioning DoF, this file will be updated soon.

Announcing a new ENBSeries custom configuration for Fallout: New Vegas by Zinthros, featuring HDR, advanced bloom, bokeh depth of field, advanced color post-processing, sun shafts, object and terrain self-shadowing, SSAO / SSIL, and more. You MUST use Project Reality Mk1 to achieve correct visuals. Nevada Skies will result in EXTREMELY dark shadows and odd skies.

House 2013 uses code from several different ENB tweakers and code writers, including Matso, Dpeasant, Brodiggan Gale, and IndigoNeko. It is based on an unreleased and long in the making configuration for Skyrim, whose release will follow this one by a week or two.


You will need to obtain the latest ENBSeries binaries from here. As of this writing, the latest version is 1.50. If you do not use the latest FNV4GB, simply drop both sets of files in the latter folder. If you do use FNV4GB, use the latest version, run it once, and move the sweetfx folder, d3d9.dll (or the ENB injector and its related files), sweetfx.dll, and injector.ini to the "exes" folder created by FNV4GB. LEAVE THE REST IN THE MAIN FOLDER OR IT WILL NOT WORK CORRECTLY. I have been informed that some other, older versions of NV4GB do not require this special step and work just fine with a regular installation, so see what works for you.

After files have been placed, you MUST turn off AA and AF in the game launcher. There WILL be severe graphical bugs and broken effects if you do not. ENB provides its own post-process AA, and also provides AF that is beyond the quality of New Vegas\' built-in AF. You should also disable Steam In-Game Community for New Vegas, as brief visual glitches WILL occur any time the Steam UI pops up over the game (such as when earning achievements, being messaged by friends, etc).

If you experience crashes on startup and use a utility such as MSI Afterburner or Fraps which provides an on-screen display, you should set it to ignore Fallout: New Vegas or close it before you play. Afterburner uses a separate component for this functionality, so you do not need to close or mess with the utility that keeps your GPU from overheating. Check your system tray. The injector version works with Afterburner, but is more prone to bugs and in my personal experience has slightly lower performance.


NMC's texture pack
Project Reality Mk1
Interior Lighting Overhaul


Sometimes SSAO will show through first person / ironsights models (hands and gun). This (like many other limitations discussed above) is a limitation of ENBSeries for New Vegas and cannot be fixed by me. I\'d say bother Boris but he gets enough :)

Some areas with water may produce visual glitches. I did not personally encounter any such areas in the vanilla game but did during Honest Hearts.

DoF implementation is slightly spotty and subject to change, contributions welcome and will be credited.