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Adds standard and unique version of the SVD sniper rifle with 3 mods.

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*SVD rifle for Fallout:New Vegas*

REMEMBER you use this mod on your own risk, I will not be responsible to any damage to your computer, game, yourself etc.
Also models included in this mod are rather high-poly, so you might notice some performance drop on slower machines.

This mod adds two models of the russian sniper rifle SVD. You can buy them both from Gunrunners.
Models included:
Normal SVD: "SVD Dragunov Rifle"
Unique SVD: "Custom SVD Dragunov Rifle"
They fire .308 ammo and are little more powerful than the sniper rifle, but they are heavier and cost more. Furthermore, the normal SVD can be modded. There are 3 mods for it:
Synthetic stock and barrel cover
High power 1p59 scope
Suppressor (completely made up one, but hey it does not have to exist in RL, does it?)

Just extract the archive into the game folder.

For Ideas, comments, suggestions etc. mail me:
[email protected]