FemaleHead Nose fix plus male headmesh tweaks by zzjay
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Added: 12/02/2013 - 03:22PM
Updated: 13/01/2017 - 07:51PM

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Headmesh Workshop

Some of my headmesh edits.rady to be installed.


Here's a tutorial to customize it your own way:

To edit your own head you need nifskope and blender.
Both of them very usefull and free.
You can get blender here:

contains all the nifscripts,and phyton so it's ready to use.

You can edit your headmesh in blender.imoprt as a nif.

select the head,and edit as you like in sculpt modeedit mode.
you can't addremove vertices.

then select the head,then the skeleton with ctrl+shift (for multiple selection) and ctrl+a scale and rotation to objdata.

Export settings from SydneyB

load in nifskope,and highlight the nitrishapedata of your head,rigghtclick>block>copy

load then the original headmesh,select the nitrishapedata,block pasteover.hen save on the desktop to not overwrite the original.Then your hedmesh is ready to be used.

If you use it for a custom race,make sure to put the egm and the tri file in the same folder.
you can get fixed tris and egms here:


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