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I saw people trying to get more levels in search of more skills and more perks. I figured this should suffice.

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Everyone seems to be worried about not getting enough perks with all those perk mods out there. They also seem it to be unfair that the most you can get is one per level unless you take that one mod that annoys you by leveling you up twice then removing your experience, like XFO's Two Perks Per Level Mod. Well this will help you.

When you reach the level up screen for level 50. You will distribute skill points and your perks; however when you exit the screen it will drop you back down to level 49 and at the start of the level 49 xp needed to level again.

In other words this mod makes it so you will never reach level 50 other than for a split second. This allows you to get more skill points and perks, by looping the last level over and over again.

1) Probably put a Logan's Loophole script in the mod. For those with the Logan's Loophole level 30 is never really attained.

2)Create a seperate global variable leveling system that tells you your real level and your real skill number level. (Possibly through a hidden perk that retains your actual level)

3)Create a new xp system for levels after 50. Not sure if anyone noticed this or not, but you can in fact resetxp to 0 when you want through code, and then rewardxp with a value you see fit. In other words you can change the xp needed to the next level with a few lines of code. This in mind you can actually create a leveling system of your own passing level 50.

4) Probably make an alternative main file that when you max your skills at 100, 200, and 255 that the level 50 attained permanently sticks. (Just a thought of mine)

I'm open to ideas and suggestions so let me know what you think.

Sometimes it pays to think outside of the box.