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A small mod that improves upon the the vanilla \'Authority Glasses.\'

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[size=40] Better Authority Glasses [/size]


NEW! ESP Version Featuring New Colors is Available NOW!

A user uploaded video by MCDofficial.


[size="4"]The 'Authority Glasses' in Fallout New Vegas were always my favorite because they had more form and better style than the other glasses ported from Fallout 3 but I always felt like their finish was to matte-like and strangely absent of an environment mask. So, I recently sought to change that and figured I would share the resources with you fine folks.[/size]


[size="4"]This mod adds new textures and an updated mesh to except environment masks for the vanilla 'Authority Glasses.' The cube map for the environment mask is of my own making and is designed to match New Vegas' atmosphere. Everyone is welcome to experiment with this environment map either by applying to other meshes or by replacing it with something else. To do this, simply rename the new environment map to 'tfh_mojave02_e' and replace the original in the data\textures\effects directory. There are two versions of the mod; the original version and a more conservative 'subtle' version both can be found separately on the files page.

The NEW esp adds 7 different Authority Glasses to a respawnable metal box in the gas station at Goodsprings. They work just like the vanilla glasses and use the same repair lists.

Note: These glasses have no 'EGM' files attached to their mesh so they will not warp and bend according to the shape of your player's face like the vanilla glasses; this is by design.

Have fun!


[size="4"]This mod replaces vanilla assets and will not work with any mods that alter or replace the same.[/size]

NOTE: Requires Archive Invalidation through ini changes, uploaded utilities, or using a traditional Mod Manager.

[size="5"]-Known Issues- [/size]

[size="4"]Please remember that this mod was designed to my own personal tastes and was uploaded for the sole purpose of facilitating any others who share it. If there are any mod or game breaking issues, please notify me. Otherwise, if there is anything you don't like about this mod, please feel free to change it yourself.


[size="4"]Extract the mod contents into a folder of your choosing, place the 'textures' and 'meshes' folders into your New Vegas 'data' folder.

If updating from a previous version; simply override files when presented the option.



[size="4"]Remove the 'ncr_civ_glasses_m' file from the 'meshes>armor>headgear>ncr_civillian>' directory. Also remove the ' ncr_glasses' files from the 'textures>armor>headgear>' directory. Lastly, remove the ' tfh_mojave02_e' file from the 'textures>effects>' directory.

Please see the supplied Readme for separate detailed uninstallation instructions for any mod.

[size="5"]-License Issues-[/size]

[size="4"]As always, please feel free to use these assets however you like; any credits would be greatly appreciated. [/size]


[size="4"]While they didn't work on this mod I would like to thank 'nivea' for recomending the removal of the EGM files and 'fiapey' helping me solve my bizzare glitch during the modding process. [/size]