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This mod adds six new outfits to some Mojave vendors based on characters from Brink, Uncharted, Falling Skies, The Dark Knight, Marcus Dublin's Outlander, and The Chronicles of Riddick.


Permissions and credits
From Nivea: I just uploaded the Robert male version, please post if you have any issues.

***Please note, from 2/6 - 2/13 I will be out of town and away from my PC. This means I will be unable to update this mod. I will follow the comments from my mobile device, but anything that requires new file uploads will have to wait until after 2/13. It's Valentine's Day after all, and a guy has to visit his girlfriend for that, right? Thanks for understanding.***

Welcome to drag's new armor pack! For details about the mod, please read below. Also below are details for a screenshot contest for the month of February!

NOTE 1: The Robert's patch is here!
NOTE 2: Nothing in these files is actually taken from other games. These armors are only *inspired* by those games. This is all re-worked vanilla content except for the Outlander armor, created by Marcus Dublin, and the Dark Knight, created by Faraz Mobin.


How to win: For the month of February, post the best screenshot utilizing an armor or armors provided in this mod and post it to the file images. Please take note: FILE IMAGES. I'm not trying to flood the main images section on the front page of this website. So please, please let's keep the contest within the mod page itself. Spamming the image section is obnoxious and I don't want to be responsible for it.

1st Place Prize: I will do my best to make any armor you would like and add it to this file. Male or female... based on a concept art, an idea for a mash-up, or based on another character... it doesn't matter! I'll give it my best! But please, try to keep it at least somewhat lore friendly :)

Runner-up Prizes: There can only be one first place, but all other excellent entries will get a PM from me asking what your request would be. If it is feasible and not too taxing on my time, I'll try to do them too.

Judges: Me! With input from the Willhaven team (currently scottmack, freddy farnsworth, REZ, nekronom12, and Mishaxhi).

Good luck and I'm looking forward to your entries!



Why is this called my "new" armor pack? Because I did the 10 Armor Pack over a year ago. You can more or less ignore that mod. It was really just a collection of all my tests while learning to use Blender, nifskope, and texture editing programs. As you'll see in this mod, I've improved a little. (In fact, you can compare my earlier version of the Anger with the current one...)

You may also notice that all the armors in this mod (so far) are inspired by characters in other fictional universes.

- The "Falling Skies Survivor Attire" is fashioned after Mason from the television show Falling Skies
- The "Furian Mercenary Armor" is fashioned after the character Riddick played by Vin Diesel in movies and video games
- The "Uncharted Explorer's Outfit" is fashioned after Nathan Drake from Uncharted
- Last but not least, "The Anger" is fashioned after one of my favorite character models from a game with perhaps my favorite character design... Brink!

NEW in 1.6: The Outlander power armor made with models and textures from Marcus Dublin has arrived along with a female version. Also, thanks to Faraz Mobin, the Dark Knight is available either as the Mojave Dark Knight combat armor, or you can suit up as The Dark Knight himself if you use the cheat box.

Also included in the files are some backpacks I've made and sent to nivea for inclusion in Spice of Life. If you can make use of the resources yourself through implementation in GECK, then have fun. If not, you'll have to wait for her to update SOL :)

How to install

Just download manually and then drop the contents of the .rar into your NV data folder. Activate the esp and you're done.


1. A handheld pipboy replacer is recommended.
2. If you want to use the 1.6 update, make note of this about the female variants: Riddick, Falling Skies, and the Uncharted armors all point to the Resident Evil Alice outfits from Blachnick and Riven. However, none of the resources for these armors are in this file. You'll need to download and install Blachnick's file for full support. This teamwork was designed to make things easier for you in case you like both mods but would like to reduce esp count. Also, no weird effects will be encountered if some female tries to dress like Riddick! Alternatively, if you prefer Blachnick's esp, you should soon have the option of downloading a version that points to male armors from this pack.


The armors have been given out to vendors around the Mojave. Check with Chet, Alexander, Contreras, Torres, Cliff, and Mick. If you're impatient, there's an optional esp that gives you a cheat box near Chet's porch in Goodsprings (a.k.a. the largest armory ever created anywhere ever).

Plans for Future Updates

Don't bother asking for female versions. I'll get to them when--and if--I get to them. Please understand that I mod for fun and, for me, female armors just aren't interesting. I understand they are for a large number of players though so interest in the mod helps motivate me to make the female versions. Thanks for understanding!

I have some armors I may add later also. I mostly just need to be sure I'm clear in terms of permissions. Marcus Dublin's Outlander Armor and the Mojave Dark Knight armor may end up here, for example.

I will probably not expand too much more, however, as most of my efforts are focused on Willhaven. In fact, this mod is just stuff I made for Willhaven that no longer fits Willhaven's theme.


- Thanks to weijiesen for use of his cubemaps and his teaching! (If you are asked to overwrite files for EVE when installing this mod, it's okay, they're the same files from the same awesome guy!)

- Thanks to Marcus Dublin for the Outlander model and textures. http://www.marcusdublin.com/OutlanderModelPage.htmlUsed with permission.

- Thanks to Faraz Mobin for The Dark Knight's model and textures. Used with permission.

- Thanks to Saxxon91 for the pipboy icons.

- Thanks to geonox for the legs on Riddick.

- Thanks to LHammonds and Jerros for the sabres on Riddick's back. LHammonds did the meshes, Jerros did the base textures, and then I edited them slightly.

- Thanks to nivea for use of the shirt worn by Riddick and for her support and inspiration.

- Thanks to Blachnick90 for the willingness to work together to enhance mod content.

- Thanks to TumbaJamba for the holster used on the Falling Skies armor and for countless amounts of inspiration with mash-ups of vanilla material.

- Thanks to everyone who tested these armors for me.

- Thanks to Obsidian/Bethesda for an awesome game and the vanilla materials I used to make these armors.

- Thanks to the creators of the fiction I referenced above that served as the inspiration for these armors.

- Thanks to you for downloading.


I give open permission for the armors here to be used in larger mods such as NVEC, Spice of Life, FOOK, or anything else that wishes to assimilate these files, remove bugs, and reduce esp counts. This is, and will always be, true for all my mods.

Change Log
1.55 - Inlcuded the Outlander Power Armor, Mojave Dark Knight Armor, and female version of the Anger.
1.3 - Updated esp for balance and armor attributes.
1.2 - Added missing texture for Falling Skies legs.
1.1 - Renamed a nif to correct Uncharted outfit's invisible mesh.