Enclave Colt 10mm Pistol by micalov mesh edits millenia textures
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Added: 27/01/2013 - 04:27PM
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Last updated at 16:27, 27 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 16:27, 27 Jan 2013

Name : Colt Enclave 10mm Pistol
Date : 27/01/13
Category : Weapons
Author(s) : micalov, millenia
Download Page : http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/49100/
DLC: Honest Hearts is required to run this mod


Adds a 10mm remash based on the Colt 6520. Using edited millenia textures.

Add a remeshed pistol based on the Colt 6520 from Fallout 1 and 2. With a special Enclave version.

Using the .45 pistol and 12.7mm SMG meshes with slightly edited textures for it based on millenias

WRP textures used with permission.

Optional TTW Col. Autums 10mm pistol replacer esp aswell.

Standard is found in the repcon basement where you last speak to Jason bright before blalst off on

the table.

Enclave versions are either on Remnent members or in there houses.

TTW Version replaces Col. Autums 10mm pistol.

Manual Installation:
Extarct files to data folder and activate ESP/

FoMM Installation:
Create a FOMOD package with the FOMOD ready archive file with FoMM.

Manual Uninstallation:
Delete extracted files.

FoMM Uninstallation:
Deactivate FOMOD package.


micalov @ nexusforums.com

Firstly big thanks to millenia for letting me use and release the edited textures from his awesome

Obsidian/Bethesda for Fallout 3, New Vegas and Honest Hearts.
micalov for mesh edits and basic texture edits.
Dark0ne and the staff of nexusmods.com for hosting and making it the best place to host files and


Tools Used:
Pyròs: GuideLines
7 Zip

Mod Dependencies:
Honest Hearts.
TTW version obviously need TTW but do not ask where to get it as it can not be linked on nexus and

any post linking it will be hidden and asked to be moderated.

Legal and licensing:
The pistol mesh can be freeley used, the textures how evercan not be edited/reuploaded in part or

whole without the express permission of millenia. Do not PM me askign for permission to use them I

can and will not give permission.