Hyena Infra-Dead Sniper Rifle by Aluminia
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Added: 26/01/2013 - 09:24PM
Updated: 23/02/2017 - 03:15AM

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Uploaded by Aluminia


Last updated at 3:15, 23 Feb 2017 Uploaded at 21:24, 26 Jan 2013

New in Version 3.0
  • Completely rebuilt the mod from scratch
  • Brand New Textures inspired by Der Riese's PaP
  • Optimized & cleaned
  • Improved bunker & changed location
  • Changed damage from 400 to 512
  • Made explosion 40% bigger and 33% more powerful than Fat Man explosion
  • Projectile now has slight drop to account for gravity
  • Reduced weapon health from 800 to 150
  • Increase value to 20,000 caps

Hyena Infra-Dead

Name: Hyena Infra-Dead
Version: 3.0
Date Added: 1-26-2013
Category: Weapons
Author(s): Aluminia
Play Tester(s): MCDofficial
Requirements: None, only Fallout: New Vegas

Description & Story

This mod adds a very large sniper rifle known as the "Hyena Infra-Dead" to Fallout: New Vegas. The gun deals extremely high damage but fires very Slowly. The weapon is highly accurate, being able to put accurate fire from over a mile away. The weapon features new projectiles, new textures, new meshes, and a rather beautiful explosion. The Hyena Infra-Dead is made from edited default meshes, retextured files, by myself. Both the gun and ammo is unique.

The Hyena Infra-Dead is inspired and based upon another weapon from Call of Duty: Black Ops 1, in the map "Call of the Dead." The weapon's name was the Scavenger. In game, you were able to upgrade the weapon via super natural means. The Scavenger then became the "Hyena Infra-Dead." 

The weapon fires a special new type of bullet infused with Ununpentium, better known as Element 115. The base ammo, is the normal .50 BMG round.

The following is back story of the weapon taken from Black Ops 1:

"The Scavenger was a weapon built by Group 935 at a Siberian Facility, with their advancements on teleporter technology. After realizing the early tests reduced the foe into that of dust cloud, Dr. Maxis funded the project and ultimately built the Scavenger. Later, Dr. Maxis was reassigned to the German "Giant" facility, to continue the teleporter development.

Head of the mysterious group, Dr. Maxis went on to develop the WunderWaffe DG-2 Lightning Gun with Dr. Edward Richtofen. Together, they would produce a group of weapons for the German Army in World War 2. The same group would later research other advanced technologies, such as the Diaclock Project, and corpse reanimation."

The weapon was able to totally annihilate extremely big waves of zombies. The Hyena Infra-Dead was the weapon of its time. For anyone who's played Call of the Dead, will surely remember this weapon's legacy in their hearts. And yeah, I know it doesn't actually look like the original weapon but this wasn't meant to be a blatant rip off, plus my 3D modelling skills are kind of trash.

In Fallout: New Vegas, the Hyena Infra-Dead produces an explosion that is very massive, comparable to twice the size of the Mini Nuke explosion

It deals extremely high damage at 512, it'll tear through anything that stands in your path.

Damage: 1512 [512 Default + 1000 Explosion]
DPS: 1218
Weight: 20 
Health: 150
Fire rate: ~0.83
Spread (Accuracy): ~0.02
Sight FOV: 15
Value: 20000 Caps
AP use: 50


The Hyena Infra-Dead is found in an abandoned research bunker on a hill, a few hundred yards north of Scorpion Gulch, east of Hidden Valley, and more south than west of Black Mountain. You need to go inside the bunker to get the weapon and ammo, along with a few other guns being available. See screenshot section.


Preferably, please use Nexus Mod Manager or Fallout Mod Manager for easy installing and uninstalling.

Manually, you need to extract the files to your data folder and activate the ESP.

To install the actual ingame item you'll need to drop the .esp file into your data folder. This can usually be found in: (wherever you put your Steam folder)/Steam/Steam/Apps/common/fallout new vegas/Data (forward slashes are actually back slashes.)

Now, you'll need to install the .nif files and .dds files just copy over the Meshes and Textures folder from the Archive into the Data folder listed above. If it tells you to override or merge anything, do it.

To uninstall, just delete the extracted files in your meshes and textures folder and delete the .esp file. If you're using a mod manager, just simply deactivate the mod.

Credits, Permissions, Known Bugs, Compatibility, Other

There are currently zero known bugs for this mod. Should be compatible with anything that doesn't extensively change the area around Scorpion Gulch.

I would like to thank Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian for making Fallout: New Vegas. Thanks to the staff at Nexus for hosting and making the Nexus a great mod site for the community. Thanks to the unknown person who made the scope meshes and textures. I do not own those meshes and textures. I take no part in making them, nor do I say they're mine. They're taken from a modder's resource. I forgot for whom they belong too. If you, the owner, want me to take this down and use another Scope mesh or credit your name, just PM me. Thank you.

If you would like to translate this mod, please just message me. I'll fill you in on the details. Please do not use this mod's assets in another mod.

Tools I used to create this mod was FoMM, GIMP, the GECK, Blender, and NifSkope.


That's it! I hope you enjoyed this mod!