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New XRE vehicle engine adding drivable vehicles to Fallout.

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[size=15]XRE CARS! v0.86 RELEASED![/size]
Read the readme.txt file before installing!!!

=============================== NEWS ================================

11/09 Released v0.86 update, the addon kit and the addon guide. The addon kit is only needed to build addon models, not to load them in the game. The guide is located at xre.ermeso.com/addonguide/.

The update needs v0.85 installed first.

06/09 Expect the Addon Kit this weekend.

20/08 Finally, after about half a year, I've released v0.85. It's a hefty update, improving and expanding the project on nearly all fronts. The scripts alone have grown to around 300kb...

I'm sure there will be bugs, so report them and please include xre debug codes if given. I'll finish the car addon guide and template asap so you can start adding your own models.

15/08 Very close now. My voice actor came through, thanks for the offers made by some of you anyway. I'm going to release before I finish the import guide to minimize the wait. What's left now is some remaining sound fx I've been postponing and finally the full testing run.

25/01 Added quickfix enabling page 2 of the controls menu.

23/01 First Release


=========================== v0.85 COMMON QUESTIONS AND ISSUES =============================
I will update this section with the most common issues and solutions discussed in the forums, until I update the instructions.readme.

Engine sound remains after exiting a car: There's a quickfix for this in the files section.

Update NVSE: I stated v.2b12 is the minimum required version, however, lately I've been using beta 3b2. Although this shouldn't make a difference, you should update NVSE to the latest version, just to be sure.

About the carlift: The carlift is sensitive to gamestate changes like saving/reloading, traveling away and back, while it's in operation. Stay in the area until it finishes, don't go inside. If this doesn't help, you can have deliveries skip the lift sequence altogether by typing "set XREUseCarLift to 0" in the console. Also, there's a bug where it lets you turn it on without a car present. This shoudn't happen and messes up the lift, so don't do it.

Fuel robot arm problems: Like the carlift, the fuel arm tends to confuse the game. I've put error detection on them, replacing their world model automatically when they start wandering. If a fuel arm keeps being disfunctional, click on it in the console and type "disable". This should force the debugger to refresh the model.

Fast-travel: Fast travel while driving is simply not possible without messing up the game.

Finding every car turned nose up: This is a clear sign of not having cleaned your savegame first. Read the instructions.

======================= UPDATE STATUS =======================

- 3rd party car addon guide
- 3rd party car building kit


=============================== FAQ =================================

Q: What do I need to run this mod?
CARS! needs NVSE installed. NV Stutter Remover and an invisible wall remover are highly recommended. CARS! definately runs best at >40fps framerates, meaning at least a decent quad-core system and mid-range graphics card.

Q: I keep getting the 'enable and quit' message.
First, make sure your Fallout.ini is not set to read-only. With some versions of the game this fix doesn't work; the next solution is to use FOMM to launch the game, make sure to set it to launch NVSE. If that still doesn't fix it, make the following changes in Fallout.ini and Fallout_default.ini:

Q: How do I access the CARS! menu?
Press asterisk * while driving. If you're keyboard lacks that key, you can also open the menu by typing "set XRECarMenu to 1" into the console.

Q: Can I request a car for the mod?
I will rarely add new cars myself as I don't have the time for it, you should ask other modders/artists.

Q: How do I refuel/repair my car?
You'll need to find a REX Service Station. To use the service stations, place your car in the middle of the service platform, with the tank facing the fuel robot. The screen will turn green when you're positioned correctly.

Q: Will 1st person view be supported in the future?
First person view requires control over camera y-axis rotation, or 'side-tilting', for which there is no script function available. The very second someone publishes a nvse plugin or something for this, I will be adding 1st person view to CARS! and any future XRE release.


=============================== CHANGELOG =================================

----- 10-9-2013 - XRE CARS! v0.86 Update -----------------

----- CHANGES -----------------
-==== NEW FEATURES ====-
- The change drivecam function works now, shifting through 5 different cam angles
- 3rd party addons are now officially supported, guide and templates released
/color][color=#85E8E0][b]-==== TECHNICAL ====-
- All XRE models have corrected weight and moment of inertia
- Some parameter changes for XRE models
- Version control for addon plugins
/color][color=#85E8E0][b]-==== FIXES & IMPROVEMENTS ====-
- Fixed empty license plate bug
- Unconfirmed fix of reported repairbot crash
- v0.85 engine sound quickfix included
- Fixed cars being thrown around on drive start

----- 20-8-2013 - XRE CARS! v0.85 -----------------

----- CHANGES -----------------
-==== NEW FEATURES ====-
- Simplified, single-script setup 3rd party car addon system
- Rex Motor Vehicles car shop:
---- Rex character & dialogue (voice acting courtesy of AlChestBreach)
---- Vehicle imports
---- Lost car retrieval
---- Car lot
---- Fully mechanically auto-operating car lift
---- Exterior building and assessories
---- Store interior
- New car models:
---- Open & closed Transporters
---- Recon Truck
---- Corvega
---- Carnivore Desert
- Operational car features:
---- Manual transmission
---- Car Actions Menu
---- Trunk storage
---- Refuel from portable cans
---- Rear cam view
---- Free cam view
---- Speed sensitive steering
---- Car flipback menu function
---- Mounting companion gunners
---- On-screen destination target reticle
---- Current session & totalled statistics in menu
- Brahmin Trophy cross country events:
---- Timed, checkpoint guided courses through the Mohave map
---- Records & rewards
---- Scripted events, autosaves
-==== TECHNICAL ====-
- Rewritten drive cam code
- Rewritten collision detection code
- Significant car driving & control overhaul
- Rebalanced model physics
- Simplified car parameter setup
- Reworked car model topology:
---- Projectile pair driven internal 'motor'-to-wheels force transmission
---- Per-wheel independent suspension improves stability
- Mechanical truck cargo doors
- ESM with addon formlists and passthrough scripts, enabling 3rd party plugins
- Improved registry process automanagement
- Wider debug service process coverage
-==== OBJECTS & ASSETS ====-
- Sound:
---- 2 additional engine and door sound sets
---- Car lift operating effects
---- Rex voice
- Models & textures:
---- New cars
---- Fuel cans
---- Rex building, carlift, neonsign, infobar, target buckets
---- Rex store items & decorations, dead robber elements
---- Hinged doors fence
---- Several Brahmin Trophy objects and effects
- Fixed service station problems with bots, robot arm, tank position detection
- Fixed front lights bug
- Fixed numerous core drive code problems
- Car pricing persistence fix
- Fixed engine sound stutter
[b][color=#CBEDED]- Fixed numerous other problems