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Disables gore from normal combat, gore from the Bloody Mess perk and environmental gore in the main game and all four add-ons.

Permissions and credits
This mod is dedicated to eliminating all gore from the game. The gore from fighting, the extra gore added from the Bloody Mess perk, environmental gore that is piled in areas and even scripted gore such as your head asploding due to Dead Money's many radios setting off your collar.

To install, simply extract the ESPs to your main Fallout New Vegas data folder (delete any for add-ons you do not possess) and be sure to enable it in the data files option before beginning a game of New Vegas.

If you find any gore that this mod has not eliminated, leave me a comment and I'll fix that ASAP.

Sevrick: Requesting this mod.
viennacalling: Assisting with the Ghost People.
rickerhk: Assisting with the Ghost People.
ostskeleton: Pointed out Bighorners and Cyberdogs heads were still exploding.
bobbyg: Pointed out "One for My Baby" scripted gore and more.
wolfseeker2828: Pointed out "You'll Know It When It Happens" scripted gore.

Version History:
1.00: Initial release.
1.01: Fixed Bignhorners and Cyberdogs heads exploding. Removed extra gore items in New Vegas, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road.
2.00: Fixed scripted head explosions from sniper victims in "One for My Baby" quest, removed a leftover decapitated head in the wasteland and removed more bomb collar explosions.
2.01: Fixed many scripted head and limb explosions AND removed almost all changed scripts (IE 99% less chance of script conflicts with other mods.)

*No Geckos were harmed in the making of this mod.