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This mod adds a new house with an underground shelter in Goodsprings, Alice - companion with fully functional companion wheel. v3.1.1 - Game bug fixes.

Permissions and credits
"Vault-HQ1 NV - House On The Hill"

Version:_3.1.1_(13 / 08 / 2018)
Categories of the mod:
New Building / Player Home / Companion / Game Bug Fixes

Author: krl10


All main DLCs: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Gun Runners' Arsenal

New Vegas Script Extender NVSE v5.0 or higher -
Installation (files in a package with mod):_copy 5 files to_...\Fallout New Vegas\

JIP LN NVSE Plugin -
Installation:_copy 1 folder, "nvse" to_...\Fallout New Vegas\Data\


Game bug fixes, by me__(added in v3.1.1)

Mod fixes the missing display of traders' names at the start of trading. Works also with popular MTUI and is compatible with any other mod. I used a method that does not duplicate an action of another mod if it somehow fixes. Works once only checking if the settings are correct.

BEFORE:___-< >-------------------------_______-< >-------------------------_______< >_game bug
AFTER:____-< Chet >-------------------_______-< Trudy >-----------------_______< ALL MERCHANTS >_fixed

Alice - companion__(creating a companion mode is still in progress, sorry for any shortcomings)

Essential, with fully functional companion wheel.
Waiting time 1 day or more when a player is nearby.
Will use to cure stimpaks and antivenom (cazador's poison, also attacks every NPCs):
- antivenom will use the first one not to use unnecessarily many stimpaks
- stimpak will use, when previously used stops working
She will keep three kinds of distance: short, medium and long.
If in combat she changes the ranged weapon ammunition is summed.
She can use any clothing. If in her inventory no clothes, she will wear her own battle armor.

(Optional) If you use some mod to change the NPCs bodies, use file in the folder:
"ESM file Alice - game body".



1. Copy 1 folder and 2 files: "Sound", "Vault-HQ1_NV.bsa", "Vault-HQ1_NV.esm"
__ to: .../Fallout New Vegas/Data/
2. Enable file "Vault-HQ1_NV.esm" in the Fallout NV - Launcher
3. Run the game using file: "nvse_loader.exe"


1. Delete files:
.../Fallout New Vegas/Data/"Vault-HQ1_NV.esm"
.../Fallout New Vegas/Data/"Vault-HQ1_NV.bsa"
2. Delete folders:
.../Fallout New Vegas/Data/Sound/Voice/"Vault-HQ1_NV.esm"
.../Fallout New Vegas/Data/Sound/Songs/"RadioVaultHQ"



Veronica, Cass, Boone, Arcade Gannon, Raul, Lily, ED-E, Rex
and also followers from DLCs:
Christine, Dean Domino, Joshua Graham, Follows-Chalk, and Waking Cloud
>> They can live in this Vault <<

A new line of dialogue available on the shelter area.

- Alice (as house dweller, essential, has its own: body meshes and textures)
__Has a special, unique AI, behavior / example: opening the refrigerator causes activation of door animation (similarly to the player's character)
__Weekly cycle / grown field (3x per week), collects plants, trade with Chet (General Store) and Trudy (Prospector Saloon)
__Daily cycle / sleeping, washing, eating, changing clothes, using of light switches etc.

- Protectron (robot / military version, essential, vault security system and supply service)
__Sorting all items: weapon, armor, ammo, food, and other
__Transporting items from the Supplies Crate to the Armory

- Ceiling Turrets (x3) (robot, type: Mark V / reinforced armor, essential, vault defense system - activated by player: turrets are moved down from ceiling bays)

Exterior: Small field with plants cultivation (pickable plants)

House: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom
House (basement): Vault Entrance (doors controlled by a central shelter computer -EVAN-)
_Shooting Range (for use by companions: in the free will mode, lighting switched on, equipped with pistol or rifle / single shots)
_Small Prison, Workbench (improved), Reloading Bench (improved), Campfire (unique, upgradable)

Vault (two levels): Player Room (Room No.1), Companion Room (x3, 6 beds), Bathrooms, Swimming Pool, Cafeteria/Diner, Garden (relaxation area)
_Common Room (slideshow, a few dozen photos (until the 50s): "American Cities", "Cars", you can add own slides)
_Computer Room, Armory, Reactor Room and other
Contains over a dozen terminals (from each terminal, you can connect with another), three working TV sets
Auto-lighting throughout the vault, sliding doors have been equipped with automatic open/close system
Teleportation system (unique, upgradable, 5 custom places, 40 specified locations, support for companions)
Medical Station, Shower, Bottle Filler, Water Purifier, Battery Charger. System for sorting and fast transport of items on the Vault area
New radio station, with possibility add custom music


- Fully NavMeshed (entire interior, for companions and other NPCs)
- Map marker for fast travel
- All containers, interior prepared for the player, not reset after time
- New textures or upgraded
- New models or upgraded: Desk Terminal (on/off, active switch), Wall Terminal (on/off, active keyboard), Animated Blinds (new, on/off, vault windows),
- Mini-Fridge, Vintage Radio (with the change of radio stations), Home Light Switch (light on/off, new), Sinks (with a stream of water), Mirrors (upgraded),
- Toilets (for sitting), Toilet Paper (new), Vault Double Bed (new), Vault Single Bed (added pillow), Animated Clocks (showing the current game time),
- TV-set (working), Medical Station, Illuminated lamp first aid sign (new), Klaxon (blue lamp), Shower (new), Towel (new), Vault Divider (with glass),
- Bottle Filler (new), Water Purifier (new), Battery Charger (new), Vault Express, Mini-Terminal, Weapon Stands (new), and many other


With all mods which do not modify the same location


Bethesda and Obsidian for "Fallout 3" and "Fallout New Vegas"

NVSE Team: Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel and Paul Connelly for "New Vegas Script Extender"

Jazzisparis and LuthienAnarion for "JIP LN NVSE Plugin"

dimon99 for "DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body" -
Female body meshes and textures (base model).
Jarol for tools to conversion audio files "Extended New Vegas Radio Generator" -
Tools for users, to create a custom music in the mod.

License/Legal (free)
If you want to use the resources of this mod (made or modified by me: models, textures etc.), just put the author, title or (and) a link to this mod in your credits. Almost all models are with my modifications or completely new. You cannot use the female body model, because it comes from another mod (by dimon99), this model is not compatible with TYPE3/V (with my changes for standard clothes). You may not distribute copies of this mod and modify or alter for reupload. (Notice: the final version of the mod has been optimized and significantly different from the draft)