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New house with an underground shelter in Goodsprings. A new companion. In the vault: player room, rooms for companions, armory, cafeteria, swimming pool, garden, reactor room, unique system of sorting items, security system and more.

Permissions and credits
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Version:_3.8.7_(3 / 12 / 2023)

Since version 3.8.0 a NEW -UPDATER- is available, companions listed in the description can now remain in the vault.
(Applies to followers in 'stay in base' mode: Veronica, Cass, Boone, A. Gannon, Raul, Lily, ED-E, Rex, Christine, D. Domino, J. Graham, Follows-Chalk, Waking Cloud)


All Major DLCs: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Gun Runners' Arsenal
New Vegas Script Extender xNVSE and JIP LN NVSE Plugin with Visual C++ Redistributable |read this|


1. Copy 1 folder and 2 files: "Sound", "Vault-HQ1_NV.bsa", "Vault-HQ1_NV.esm"
__ to: .../Fallout New Vegas/Data/
2. Enable file "Vault-HQ1_NV.esm" in the Fallout NV - Launcher
3. Launch the game using: "nvse_loader.exe"


1. Delete files:
.../Fallout New Vegas/Data/"Vault-HQ1_NV.esm"
.../Fallout New Vegas/Data/"Vault-HQ1_NV.bsa"
2. Delete folders:
.../Fallout New Vegas/Data/Sound/Voice/"Vault-HQ1_NV.esm"
.../Fallout New Vegas/Data/Sound/Songs/"RadioVaultHQ"


(Optional) Three independent additional mods, intended for separate installation:
"Watering Can - Water Jet", "Hotel Desk 1 - Animated", "Hotel Desk 2 - Animated"
Mods contains the main file in the folder: ...\Vault-HQ1 Add-Ons\MODS\

General features:
- Map marker for fast travel
- Fully NavMeshed
- Safe containers
Devices and equipment (all unique):
- Workbench and Reloading Bench (improved)
- Campfire (grill, upgradable)
- Repair Bench, weapons and armors
- Bottle Filler, Water Purifier and Battery Charger
- Medical Station and Anti-Radiation Device
- Teleporter, upgradable, 5 customizable places, 40 specified locations
- Trade Terminals, buy/sell items

The following companions can live in the vault:
Veronica, Cass, Boone, A. Gannon, Raul, Lily, ED-E, Rex
and followers from DLCs:
Christine, D. Domino, J. Graham, Follows-Chalk, and Waking Cloud
A new line of dialogue available on the shelter area.

Alice - companion:
Fully functional companion wheel, essential, waiting time 1 day or more when a player is nearby.
Now with unlimited ammo (option available in the home terminal).

(Optional) There is an Alice icon by viperlord, for JIP Companion Command and Control:
Vault boy CCC Icons - Misc Companion Mods

Alice as house dweller, essential, unique AI, daily and weekly cycle, sleeping, washing, eating, changing clothes, using of light switches etc.
Protectron (robot / military version, essential, vault security system and supply service)
Ceiling Turrets (x3) (robot, type: Mark V / reinforced armor, essential, vault defense system)

Exterior: small field with plants cultivation (pickable plants)
House: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, (basement): vault entrance, shooting range, small prison
Vault (two levels):
Player room, companion rooms (6 beds), bathrooms, swimming pool, shower room, cafeteria/diner, garden (relaxation area), common room (slideshow, a few dozen photos (until the 50s): "American Cities", "Cars", you can add own slides), computer room, armory, reactor room and other
Contains over a dozen terminals (from each terminal, you can connect with another), three working TV sets
Auto-lighting throughout the vault, sliding doors have been equipped with automatic open/close system
System for sorting and fast transport of items on the Vault area
New radio station, with possibility add custom music

New or improved models and textures such as desk terminal with active switch, wall terminal with active keyboard, animated light switches and many other.


With all mods which do not modify the same location