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This mod adds real world beer and liquor brands to New Vegas.
You can also craft mixed drinks now.

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Version 1.3 adds 11 more drinks, most user requested.You can also now mix drinks to make 136 new drinks. From shots to larger more potent glasses, some with fire!You will want to craft a wasteland drink mixer at a workbench to get started. Equipping it will open its own crafting menu. You may also find boxes of scavenged drink supplies for sale at bars and in liquor cabinets. Open these to find extra items for making mixed drinks.

Version 1.2 Is up with 14 more user requested drinks!

I just wanted to say thank you again for all the endorsements. In light of the continued interest in this mod I am restarting work on it. 
I will take suggestions for more drinks and how I can make the mod better.

Real World Drinks is an up to date release of my old real drinks modder resource.
It adds the drinks into the game through the default alcohol level lists.
Shop around the strip for the best selections or search liquor cabinets and fridges.

Install by placing the plugin, meshes and texture files into your data folder.

WARNING! If you use any other mods that edit the alcohol leveled lists, you will need to make a merged patch with this mod as it also edits those lists. Placing it last in the load order will get this mod to work, but you will not get the other mods items in leveled loot anymore if you do not merge them with this mod.