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Restores a cut hunter/merchant NPC who was supposed to be placed just outside of Goodsprings, near the Jean Intersection, and who has some interesting dialog to boot.

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On today's episode of ''DID YOU KNOW..."

DID YOU KNOW that there was supposed to be a hunter/trader NPC placed outside of Goodsprings, just in front of the road sign at the Jean intersection? It's true. Named the "Wasteland Adventurer" he was to provide the Courier with a brief bit of detail about what to expect to the North or the South, as well as the opportunity to purchase some few basic items from him.

Unlike a lot of other cut content NPCs, the Wasteland Adventurer made it fairly far into development before he was cut. All of his dialog is fully voiced, and doesn't contradict any elements of the game. What's more, his vendor container AND the markers used for his various wander/hunt packages are all still present in the base game. All it took to get him working properly was to just place him back in the area near the Jean Intersection and link him to his vendor container.

As I said earlier, the Wasteland Adventurer provides some basic information about the area to the player, including mention of the attacked caravan and Deathclaw infestation if one were to head north. He also has a handful of items for sale, mostly meat that he's obtained while hunting, though when first met he will have a small number of other items for sale as well. His stock of hunting-related goods will resupply every few days as he successfully hunts. He carries a very small number of caps, but enough that a low-level Courier may find it worthwhile to trade with him.

The Wasteland Adventurer is first found standing idle some distance in front of the road sign at the Jean intersection. Once the player has talked to him though he will begin to wander the area, hunting. At night he moves to the small trailer set up near the campground below Goodsprings Source, where he sleeps.


Although this guy was mostly ready to go, I did do a little alteration to him. His inventory kept trying to stock with 10mm bullets for one, which seemed very wrong so early in the game. He also carried some rather curious items depending on the list used, including Rat Meat and some other not-in-that-area things. I opted to "split down the middle" so to speak, and used random-chance lists to make the specific items he carries differ from playthrough to playthrough. He still has set items he carries too, and none of the random-chance items are things which cannot be found in the immediate area, in one way or the other.

I also changed him to no longer be marked as Respawning, so if he somehow dies he won't come back three days later. His "sleep" package is also a bit more low key, as before he would run full tilt to the trailer to get into bed.

A few other mods do include this guy as part of their content, including MMUE and New Vegas Uncut #5, so you may have seen him before. My implementation is a little different, mostly in that I spent a little extra time polishing this guy so he has a consistent look and items which (as best I can tell) match with what the developers were trying to do before he was cut.

If you like the alterations I've made to the Wasteland Adventurer, but would like to use a mod which already restores him, there is a "Tweaks only" version of the file, available in the Files section. This version has everything but the actual placement of the NPC, which will prevent weird situations where you have two Wasteland Adventurers wandering around in the same place.


While I was poking around the records associated with this guy I kept seeing repeated instances where he was to be given a single suit of used Leather Armor, such that he could not wear it, but COULD sell it. I puzzled over this for a bit, until I happened to look to the north at the attacked caravan.

Have you ever wondered why, of the two dead Guards near the attacked caravan, only one is wearing armor while the other is completely without armor? Well this guy is the reason why. The intended implication was that the Wasteland Adventurer had stolen the Leather Armor off the dead caravan guard, and while he was not going to wear it himself he was more than happy to sell it to you.

That, more than anything, is why I spent a little extra time restoring this guy. He turns something I always thought to be a strange design choice into a somewhat morbid commentary on the state of the Mojave Wasteland.