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NOW WITH SUPPORT FOR FEMALES and all male body types. This mod adds three unique armors and five headgears. Relatively lore-friendly and balanced.

Permissions and credits
Welcome to drag's modern gunslinger! The name isn't meant to be taken too seriously; this isn't a strict attempt at creating an accurate gunslinger. Rather, a friend of mine saw a WIP file and made the comment "that looks like a modern gunslinger. I like it!" So the name stuck.

This mod adds three unique outfit variations and five headgear options. They are balanced on par with other merc outfits.

A duffle bag inside the Boulder City Train Station.

I've copied the vanilla body textures to a new location and mapped the body to them. This means that both Breeze and Vanilla body users will have no problem with this mod. Roberts should also be no problem, unless I'm forgetting something.

Just unpack the contents of the .rar to your New Vegas data folder and then activate the .esp. Piece of cake.

- Weijiesen for cubemaps and his help in teaching me various texture techniques when I was just learning how things work.

- Smoko-Stock for the texture used on the helmet's visor.

- Obsidian/Bethesda for the vanilla game files from which I built these outfits.

Miscellaneous Notes:
This mod grew from a design idea I wanted to try while working on armors for the upcoming Willhaven mod. I've decided to go ahead and upload this armor on its own rather than include it in Willhaven for two reasons. First, it doesn't seem to fit any character in Willhaven so far. Second, Willhaven may be a few months off still and I want to upload something!

As for a female version, I may eventually get to it. However, I generally don't care for female models. If anyone wants to make the female version of this, feel free.

You cannot use the cubemaps (those textures located in texture/eve/effects/cubemaps) from this mod without Weijiesen's permission. For the rest, do what you like. As far as I'm concerned, my mods can be considered modder's resources. Just please stay respectful and remember to let me know if you use anything from this mod.


Q: What guns do you have in your main image?
A: I don't remember for sure. I think they are from Reload by Fluidfire.

Q: Will you add support for __________?
A: I've added support for all male body types and two out of three of the armors for females. I won't be editing the female meshes any further to make them sexier or whatever. That's just silly.

Q: Why do so many of the headgears have surgical masks?
A: The way I figure it, the last thing anyone would really want to do in post-apocalyptic nuclear fallout is breathe the unfiltered air. Surgical masks are plentiful and cheap. I imagine that if we were being as true-to-life as we could hypothetically be, then literally everyone would be wearing surgical masks or scarves. People would likely be killed for their respirators. So the surgical masks are there to add lore-friendliness. Plus I've always thought they look cool.

Q: What's the Willhaven mod you keep mentioning?
A: It's a bit of a complex mod that will require the combined efforts of many team members. Once completed, it will be somewhat like a mini-DLC with cool new weapons, armor, quests, locations/player home, and enemies. If things fall through with the mod, I'll upload all the armors I've made for it as an armor pack similar to this one but with edits to level lists as well.