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Adds a two unique modern-ish boxing outfits to the Lucky 38 near the Golden Gloves.

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This mod is made by request for The 3rd Type. It adds two unique boxing outfits to a duffle bag in the Lucky 38 next to the Golden Gloves.

Have fun punching things.


None. Breeze's male bodies is recommended, but there is an installation option for vanilla bodies too.


Just drop the contents of the rar into your new vegas Data folder and activate the esp. If you are using the vanilla male body, please be sure to do the following:
- Delete the folder labeled "meshes"
- Rename the folder "IfUsingVanillaBodyPleaseDeleteTheMeshesFolderAndRenameThisToMeshesBeforeInstalling" to "meshes." I tried to make this clear ;)
- Then drop the contents into your Data folder and activate the esp.


There are some seams around the wrists. I thought I implemented a fix, but it didn't work. If there is an uproar, I can get it fixed for good.


- The 3rd Type for the suggestion
- Me for everything else.


Please feel free to punch innocent citizens, raiders, ghouls, robots, deathclaws, geckos, rocks, and walls. Improvise if you run out of these things to punch.

If you want to use any files provided here, fine, just remember to duck your chin and keep your hands up.


Happy New Year.