Treasure for a Traveller by TheGreatVortigaunt
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So tell me Courier, how well do you know the Mojave?

Treasure for a Traveller (TfaT) adds a new quest to the game, following a path to fame and riches as you discover treasure chests leading to the next reward. Stretch your knowledge of the wasteland, and put your skills to the test to receive what is rightfully yours. The hint for the location of the first chest is added to your Pip-Boy's notes section when the quest starts, but there are other treasure hunters on the trail, so you had better get moving!

- Adds a full questline to the game
- New unique armour and weapons
- New locations
- Balanced for level 15-20 players

Note: I have not been able to test this mod as much as I would have liked, so PLEASE write in the comments if you find a bug, error, or even a spelling mistake. Also, if there are any serious conflicts with existing popular mods.

Thanks to MaxyBoii, for helping me fix the texture issue (mostly).

Also, before asking about the second chest, please read the comment thread. It's not at a marked location.