Cutie Pie Outfit and Swimwear for Type 3 by jonas opines
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This mod has also been incorporated into my compilation mod, Kristina's Closet.


The Cutie Pie Outfit
by jonas opines

This mod adds a set of outfits for female characters, for no purpose but to be extremely cute. I saw a cute girl wearing this IRL, and decided to make it. I liked it enough to release it. It adds two types of outfits in two colors, for two body types for Type 3. The body types are the Cali and Slim variants. The mod also includes bikinis in two models (skimpy and really skimpy), with 11 different patterns and colors. All of the outfits are in two suitcases on the check-out counter in the Lucky 38.

The outfits have no DT, because they shouldn’t. They do, however, boost Luck by 1, Charisma by 2, and Speech by 15, making them perfect for carousing on the Strip, and properly packed away in favor of something else with some protection for when you venture into the Wastes again. (I will not change the stats, but can explain how to do so yourself via PM if you really want to fight in these.)

The types are skirt and shorts, the colors are pink and powder blue. It adds those, and one with just the top and some undies, and one with just some undies. I’ve also separated out every mesh piece (top, skirt, undies, shorts) as accessory items so you can mix and match with other things. These accessory items will require you to have either the Cali or Slim body as your base body (i.e., the body your character is when not wearing anything), or they will clip. There’s also a pair of white shoes as a separate item.

I will not convert to Type6, Alice, BNB or whatever, but fully support somebody else doing such. Everything here is completely mine, made from scratch or altered from vanilla resources, so the only permission you need is my own. Just please kindly ask me, if for no other reason than I like to know what’s going on. I’ve never turned down anybody yet, but it’s the polite thing to do.

INSTALLATION – If FOMM or NMM causes you problems, then follow these manual install instructions.

Download 7-zip or winrar

Extract the files, drag and drop the Data folder in your New Vegas folder and allow for merge and overwrite as necessary. By default install, the New Vegas folder is located here: c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas

Activate the “jocutiepie” data file in FOMM, NMM or the launch menu.

DE-INSTALLATION -- erase the esp “jocutiepie”. Find in your data folder the appropriate jonasclothes mesh and texture folders. Delete the Cutie Pie folders. If this is your only mod of mind, you can delete the entire jonasclothes folder. Feel sad.

Thanks and Acknowledgements
Dimon99 for the Type 3 body, backsteppo for some modifications to that.
To Riven1978 for help with the bikini models, including some fleshing out of the meshes, the radkini texture and glow map, and UV work.
The Nexus for hosting all this stuff.
You for downloading. Hope you endorse!