M14 EBR -Port- by Khugan - Conifer and untoldserenity for port
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Added: 26/12/2012 - 11:39AM
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0.8 is a beta I have left 0.7 up because of this if you don't want to risk borking ur save don't D/L the beta. the beta has been cleaned and had some excess stuff removed via FNVEdit, done as ive been playing skyrim lately (dragonborn is the reason ^^) and I learned about cleaning via TESVEdit so Ive done it in FNVEdit to this to see if it gets rig of crap that wasn't needed.
1: ive now removed the wasteland from FO3 info so wont inject it anymore
2: removed the floating bottles and stuff at khugans camp
3: removed little deaths (one at nelis AFB) note/holodisk till I can be bothered to make it the players item so you aint got to steal it.
4: also did a undelete and disable and remove identical thing in FNVedit which removed some unused items. e.g the custom ammo list I used in early release with little death.

I cant not stress do a backup of ur save if you try the beta out, I take NO responsibility if you don't backup and it borks ur save. other than that no new stuff has been added


M14 EBR is a weapon done by Khugan uploaded by Conifer for FO3, and ported to new vegas by myself it adds a trader next to the Good-springs Gas-station (same one from original mod) that sells the weapons and mods.
The trader and his "companion" have a sandbox waypoint route they will walk off in to goodsprings on occastion. so either wait like a hour (ingame) or go looking for him (I will not disable 1: cus it was in original mod, 2: I don't know how)

Now the long and short versions with 3 mods each :-
1:Holo sight (decreases spread),
2:Silencer (Silences Gun NO damage decrease, as far as I know used FNV default suppressor effect not GRA AMR one),
3: Match Barrel (increases Damage).

Now the sniper versions with 3 mods each :-
1:Burlap Wrap (increases Max Condition),
2:Silencer (same as the Long and short Mod),
3: Match Barrel (Decreases Spread, I know not same as Long and short ver but snipers had a higher dam anyway).

Also have a unique Full-Auto long version in the Boulder City Ruins above where the hostages are. Also can use all 3 mods from other M14s.

Also have a unique high-power Semi-Auto short sniper in the Boomer munition and mess hall, it has 3 mods :-
1:Custom Mid Range Sniper Scope (Decreases Spread),
2:Silencer (same as others),
3:Custom Match Barrel (Decreases Spread).
The barrel and Scope can only be used on this unique weapon.

REPAIRS with hunting rifles, sniper rifles and scrap metal.

Do a clean save, sell weapons off if you need caps to rebuy after upgrading.

all credit for models, sounds, textures, ect go to Khugan, Conifer and people who helped with the original mod.

the original readme is included in archive

I only take credit for the porting for New Vegas (version 0.1), as well as the Nifscope edits as well as some other modification to it coming in version 0.2 onwards.

I was given permission to port the original mod by Conifer, if theres a dispute by him over my port at anytime it will be removed until resolved.