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=====Military Armor Pack==============

====UPDATE 1.1================================

-**********CRATE LOCATION********** has been changed, and is now directly in-front of the house to the left of the Goodspring's General Store

-Fixed and updated a few meshes

-Decreased overall file size by deleting unused files


This pack contains over 12 different armor outfits resembling multiple military themed/styled uniforms and combat gear. Within this pack there are three main camouflage patterns to choose from. These are:

American styled M81 Woodland,
resembling the older battle dress uniforms that U.S. Troops wore for decades from the 1980s to early 2000s before recently switching to the new Universal Camo Pattern.

Six Color (Chocolate Chip) Desert,
Similar to the camouflage that American troops wore during the liberation of Kuwait and First Gulf War in 1991. This camouflage was actually designed in the 1950s and is the oldest one out of all three.

Type 07 Urban,
Recently introduced to be the main pattern for china's PLA (People's Liberation Army). This camouflage is the most modern of the three and is a slightly larger digital camouflage pattern that is emphasized to be effective in urban environments.

-Also includes one Vietnam tigerstipe bonus outfit


All outfits and headgear can be found in an enclave style crate directly behind Goodspring's General Store.


Simply copy the date folder found in this folder and paste it into your Fallout New Vegas Directory.

Say yes to overwrite. Make sure to load the MilitaryArmorPack.esp


Delete the MilitaryArmorPack.esp and the individual folders named "militaryarmor" in your textures and meshes folders.


This mod could not have been completed without the help and
resources from the following members.

centurion101 -For his amazing NCR armor meshes and their original textures.

thatguy10 - For the vest mesh from his Armor Collection.

Anti-Star - For Vest and gear assets from his Tactical Armor Pack.