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Replaces the ugly vanilla shells with custom scratch made ones.

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This is a replacer for the ugly vanilla shells. Currently are only 5.56mm rounds supported. I will update it so even more shells are replaced!
I have tested it and I could feel a framedrop if I fired hundreds of rounds and made a pile out of it. So i dont recommend it on low end machines. If you doesn't want the shells to disappear i recommend following mod: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/37867

I'M SEARCHING SOMEONE THAT WILL FINETUNE MY P90 INGAME AND ADDS IT TO THE LEVELED LISTS AND SO ON! It will be finished this year, so please send me a pm with some links of your work.

##Compatibility/Known Issues##
Some Calibers (currently only 9mm) aren't replacers. So some mod-added Weapons might use the old shells. But its a 3 minutes job in GECK to change this.

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