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Retextures Marcus to use Warmaster\'s Textures. Optional Vanilla mesh for Marcus or freddiepellini\'s mesh

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History behind the mod
To summarize, I love diversity and variety in creatures in any game especially the Supermutants of Fallout.

Sadly, it seems to be the case that they all share the same textures between one another.

That makes it a real chore to decide on which textures I want to use for them as a whole.

My main problem is that I loved the War Masters Super Mutants Retextured Mod, because It went so well with freddiepellini's Marcus is sick of Diets Mod, yet I didn't want those to lose the lower skin toned muties or any of the higher detailed content from
Bornagain NV supermutants and nightkins, so I decided to work for a compromise instead.

What the mod does
What this mod will do is give Marcus a separate mesh that uses War Masters textures, meaning any super-mutant retexture mod you use will not affect Marcus's own textures.

Conveniently, I accidentally made the first file for vanilla mesh Marcus, so after I had to do freddiepellini's.

So you have two options of installation for Marcus, one with his vanilla thin bodied mesh, or freddiepellini's fatter mesh.

Pick between either:
MarcusBrightSkinMod - Non Diet Edition.RAR
MarcusBrightSkinMod - Regular.RAR

And extract content's to your Fallout New Vegas directory, or simply Use Fallout Mod Manger's Package manger to Turn the RAR's into FOMOD files to activate and deactivate at whim.

In my opinion his mod is best played Alongside:

Bornagain NV supermutants and nightkins by CaBaL

Classic Fallout Style Super Mutant by Zenl

Marcus Companion by drg6525

And Requiem for a Capital Wasteland, should you come across it.

In future, I may consider Super Mutant variant creature mod of sorts, but this will be it for now.

Thanks to freddiepellini and War Master for mesh and textures.

Also, please inform me if you run into any problems with this, I do need to know if it's working or not.