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  1. robersonb1
    • member
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    Do you think you guys could do a tutorial on doing reload animations specifically? Including how to import a weapon mesh? Great job by the way, extremely helpful.
    1. Toasty Fresh
      Toasty Fresh
      • supporter
      • 1,157 posts
      • 319 kudos
      Might be in the works soon. I've contacted Hitman47101 for some info as he's the one who knows the most about everything animation related with Fallout, so as soon as I get a response I'll be working hard to get this done before FO4 comes out.
  2. 11meister
    • member
    • 454 posts
    • 43 kudos
    This has been more than simply helpful, spilling the beans on those more advanced processes that are otherwise nearly impossible to figure out on your own. Only now remembered to endorse this after its come in handy many a time.
  3. bigadventuresofbigjim
    • member
    • 198 posts
    • 4 kudos
    Exactly what i was looking for, thankyou
  4. Toasty Fresh
    Toasty Fresh
    • supporter
    • 1,157 posts
    • 319 kudos
    @Mil; I agree wholeheartedly, Blender's animation is much more awkward than Max. Sadly Max has huge issues when importing animations, I can never get them to import without having them become deformed.

    Still, if you're already competent with Max, and you can import the animations successfully, you can still use this tutorial and the basic principle behind it to get anims working.
  5. TheAmazingPixel
    • supporter
    • 59 posts
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    Mill, why don't you just use Blender for the ones you need to animate?

    Sorry if I'm being too naive, I'm not a mod master like you are ^_^
  6. Millenia
    • premium
    • 5,104 posts
    • 4,654 kudos
    Great, too bad it's for Blander
  7. micalov
    • premium
    • 10,391 posts
    • 315 kudos
    Thanks for this, will defo give it a good read over!