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Millenia - Naky

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100% scratch-made, high quality H&K CAWS. Includes mods and custom sounds!

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This mod adds in an H&K CAWS into the game. It comes with unique static and sound entries (as well as a custom sound!), as well as having it added to the
appropriate perk lists, repair lists, weapon lists, and leveled lists. It also comes with three modifications, an extended magazine mod, a short barrel mod, and a long barrel mod.

It can be found in Doc Mitchell's operating table.


This mod should not conflict with any other mod.


* The gun has been turned into a 20 gauge gun to add more variety to the available shotguns, but also because we already have a fully automatic 12 gauge shotgun with the Pancor. An optional 12 gauge ESP has been created for those who wish to use it, though it is to be considered unsupported.

* Obviously, you can not have a short barrel and a long barrel on the gun at the same time. As a result, visually the long barrel modification will override the short barrel when you add all the mods together.

* Handgrip location issues are an animation problem, not a mesh one.

* And Stay Back! perk is a Dead Money perk but uses the Shotgun Surgeon list. Provided that the gun is added to that list (as it should be
via script) then And Stay Back! should work too... but DLC won't be supported at this time.


Copy/extract the archive into your Data folder and check the esp off in your data loader.


Remove the contents of the archive from your Data folder.


Millenia for creating the model and texture
JoeFoxx082 for creating the bullpup animations and WAR
Vunsunta for sounds
Naky for screwing up everything else


Do not edit or redistribute without explicit permission from Millenia.