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Adds sleeping gas grenades and mines.

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FYI: I don't watch comments as much as I should, but it's not my intention to abandon my mods. I *do*, however, watch PMs. If you come across any issues and I don't respond to a comment on the comments page (which is actually pretty likely) PLEASE feel free to PM me! I don't bite and a PM sends me an email notification that a comment doesn't send.

This mod adds two new weapons to the game: sleeping gas grenades and sleeping gas mines. They function exactly like frag grenades and frag mines, but instead of dealing damage, they release a gas that puts your enemies to sleep... as well as yourself, if you get caught in it.

You can resist your gas with poison resistance (100% resistance makes you immune, lesser degrees make you last longer... though the player character seems to go down really really easily from this compared to NPCs), or through water breathing (which will make you immune).

These new weapons don't exist anywhere in the game, and there are currently no enemies who use them. To obtain them, they must be crafted at a workbench. The recipes are as follows:

Sleeping Gas Grenade:

1x Tin Can
1x Pilot Light
1x Turpentine
1x Wonder glue

Sleeping Gas Mine:

1x Tin Can
1x Pilot Light
1x Turpentine
1x Wonder glue
1x Duct Tape
1x Sensor Module

(To explain the reasoning behind these ingredients, glue and turpentine both have some pretty strong fumes... The grenade mixes the two and then uses the pilot light to ignite them, creating some fumes that really mess a person up when breathed. It was the best I could come up with using only what was already included in the game... and I fail at art far too much to add anything new.)

If you'd like to cheat, you can use the following console commands:

Grant Grenades:
player.additem xx002d50 <count>

Grant Mines:
player.additem xx002d56 <count>