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Years of growing up surrounded by nuclear waste has finally paid off!!!!
due to living in eradiated areas, you know have Nueroeradiation (mutated brain)
you posses the ability to use psychic powers....but you do not posses the knoledge.....
find the books! they will teach you new ways to use your power!!

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Ok. youve all been waiting and asking about the whereabouts of the 5th and 8th books!!!!
Here it is!
Volume V: in The Mojave outpost barracks (Giant statues)
Volume VIII: On top of some trailers in Nipton (where you first met the Legion)
There you go you cheaters!
You wake up one day, screaming, drenched in sweat. You look over to find that your whole house is on fire. You are scared. scared because you know who did this. scared because youve awaken a monster. A monster...in you. But the scariest thing? your on fire. your not burning. you walk out of whats left of the house, without a mark on you.
From that day forward youve been harnessing your powers. so that another accident dosent happen. Thats when you discover you can do more things. MUCH more. youve heard of some books. 8 Books to be exact. You have the Power......Now go and get the Knowledge.
Hi. Im a Courier. The Courier. I was shot. left for dead. What they didnt know? Im a walking radiation nightmare........and im coming for answers.
you have to find the books yourself, but ill give you hints!
Vol. I: a shot to the head cant stop you!!! you recovered all by yourself.......ok well HE helped.
Vol. II: nice day for a junkyard walk right? if theres dogs we can give them SCRAPS
Vol. III: Sodom and Gomorrah fell.......thanks to hookers........ a nice comfy heart shaped bed.....
Vol. IV: Man that Ringo is funnnnny! You could say hes a GAS!
Vol. V: The HUGE statues make you feel safe....they offered you a hot meal in the barracks.....
*BONUS Forbidden Books*
Vol. VI: Chomp! rawrrrr!
Vol. VII: i wish i had a JEANnie......
Vol. VIII: trailer trash fits in among caesars legion, right?
those are your only hints!!!!! maybe if you message me and ask nicely......hmmmm
no picture of the last power.....because its sooooo epic!