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This is a gude to fix the LIP SYIC function for the GECK for Fallout New Vegas

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Many have noticed that you are unable to lip-sync voice files to the NPC's using the GECK. And most people say the GECK is broken for making lip-sync files and you have to use the construction set. this is NOT the case the GECK is only missing the needed file to make the lip-sync work.

Due to copy-write i removed the file for download sorry.
I have uploaded a .txt file guide you can download so you can endorse and use offline.

Follow these steps to fix.

The Skyrim Creation Kit has the file required for the GECK Lip-Sync creation to function as it should.

1) Download the Skyrim Creation kit through steam.

2) Find the Creation Kit folder named Processing from the Data/Sounds/Voice folder or extract using WINRAR or 7-ZIP

3) Copy-n-paste or extract to your FALLOUT New Vegas/DATA/SOUND/VOICE folder.

Make note of the 2 red arrows
(If you do not have this folder create it using the same file structure)

4) Load the GECK and record your voice file and click save.

And your done!

All of this was recorded using only the GECK

The following image & information Thanks to RickerHK, Thaiauxn from Fallout: Project Brazil

For anyone having issues generating lip files on a pre-made file.

1)Highlight the voice type & file path line, and check From Wav.

2)Click the GENERATE LIP FILE button.

The wavs need to be Mono, 16-bit PCM, 44100hz - otherwise it will make your NPC go crazy, let alone sound like the Dungeon Keeper trapped on the event horizon of a black hole.

It is also important to have the text in place exactly as it is recorded, with no exotic characters, such as "@#$%&," etc. The lip-generator uses text to generate the files, in conjunction with the audio waveform. The symbols all correspond to specific commands within the generation protocol, and will cause wonky behavior in the lip file.


#1 - Go to the Filtered Dialogue tab under Character. Locate the quest for your NPC that contains ALL of their dialogue, or, if your NPC's dialogue is spread across multiple quests, filter by Voice Type.

#2 - Export the dialogue.... wait... and you'll find the "DialogueExportYourNPCQuest.txt" in the Fallout New Vegas directory. *Pro-Tip: On some systems, if you don't 'run as admin' on starting your GECK, it will not save the .txt to your Fallout: New Vegas folder, but a murky shadow director under my documents or something.

#3 - Open Microsoft Excel, or go to Google/Gmail/Drive/Create/Excel -> and on the home row of both Excel systems, you'll find a button that says Data - "From Text." Import "DialogueExportYourNPCQuest.txt" and hit okay...okay...okay...finish. You will now have a spreadsheet with all the important data on your NPC. *Pro-Tip: if you can do your voice acting from this spreadsheet, that would be IDEAL. If you are a director with a voice actor, you can display the excel on a teleprompter and scale up the text using the ctrl+scroll keys. Don't record multiple files, just use a 16GB SD card and record all of the audio for your entire mod on maybe 4 or five files - trust me, it will save you many headaches in editing, and you can format all of your new files all at once, rather than individually - saving you at least 6 mouse actions per file. If you are the mod author, you can get the most recent copy of your dialogue from the GECK, and make an easy time changing the text in relationship with your recorded material. Actors like to change stuff on the fly, because they of course know better than you, and it's easier to highlight the different text and type it in as you go, and fix it in the GECK later; now with helpful highlighted zones to show you where to update! In editing, you can have a WAY easier time finding, cutting, and renaming your dialogue in relationship to this excel, if you recorded them in tandem with the progression of this document. Workflow is like the kung-fu of computers.

#4 - As you are editing sound files that you pre-recorded for your NPC, save a .WAV & .OGG, and rename all of these exported files the exact filename that is listed in the Excel *Pro-Tip: If you followed the workflow outlined above, your life just became 10x more simple. If you have a utility that can make .ogg / .wav in EXACTLY Mono, 16-bit PCM, 44100hz - and convert them in a batch - you life just became 20x simpler. You can buy Sony Sound Forge or Adobe Audition to do this. There are free editors, but they all mess up the format.

#5 - add all of your wavs and oggs to the filepath of your NPC.

#6 - Run GECK. *Pro-Tip: GECK doesn't recognize the new files until it is restarted. Do not hit record. Even by accident. You will accidentally get a sound file from whatever mic your computer has plugged in, and it will play tricks on you.

#7. Locate your Dialogue Quest, and go top to bottom on every tab, starting with Topic, alll the way to Service, opening the Dialogue window of every file. Highlight the voicetype & filepath that pops up in the box above preview-record-save buttons. Select "From Wav." Generate your lip. *Pro-tip: GECK doesn't respond with a noise or anything when this is done, but you should see the .lip file pop-up in the folder beside your wav files.

#8 - After all your wavs are generated, go to your destination folder and sort files by type, then delete ALL of your now useless .wav files. Leave the .oggs, and the game automatically plays those instead, saving you several hundred Megabytes of file size.

#9 - Victory! Test it in game, and find your problem children.

Cheers - Brandan Lee

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