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Exterior pieces. Dungeon pieces. LOD and collision.

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Happy Fallout day! I am releasing this on October the 23rd.

Some disclaimers:

This is intended primarily for those individuals who already have a working knowledge of how to import other content into the GECK. Of course, downloading these models is also a great way for you to learn! Make sure to activate 'archive invalidation' available here


which seems to be a prerequisite for this kind of thing. Also, a truly invaluable resource for all things GECK-related you can find here

If you like it, ENDORSE IT!!!
Bethesda set a precedent, established an artistic direction, a decision, to ignore post-apocalyptic architecture except for scant few corrugated-metal shacks which were pocketed across the Capital Wasteland. Since 2077, we know that communities up and down the West coast have built settlements out of an adobe-type 'sandcrete' material, making prodigious use of something which became so abundant after the war. We are told (in the Fallout bible) that the GECK contained chemicals for creating such a suitable building material. Examples can be found in (of course) Shady Sands from Fallout, Redding, Vault City, and NCR from Fallout 2; what made the classic Fallout games unique (among so many generic post-apocalyptic titles) was this forward looking, science-fictiony element which explored how societies would have rebuilt and forged themselves anew following nuclear conflict. How this culture is manifest in architecture particularly fascinates me, and I believe that we have missed an opportunity to explore this part of the Fallout universe with the release of both of the most recent Fallout titles.

What I aim to give to you is a revitalization of this essential and unique element of Fallout. This is a modular building kit which features both exterior and matching interior pieces, replete with collision and LOD models based on this sandcrete-type architecture. You may want to recreate locations from the Core region. You may want to be imaginative and build your own style of frontier town in the wastes. Whatever it is, know that we share a passion for the game and want to see as much thought put into the development of a future title as we find in these classic titles.
Version history:
1.1 - 28/10/12
Fixed the texture path for 'dirtwastes'

1.0 - 23/10/12
Many things to keep track of; if you find obvious errors let me know so that I can fix the models and upload them anew.
Contains 58 new models;
35 exterior and 21 interior pieces

New textures for LOD and interior pieces

.esp 'Sandcrete Kit'

The models are named with the prefix 'sandcrete' or 'sc' for short, and located in




In the archive, extract the 'extract me' folder to the parent directory of where 'Fallout New Vegas' and the 'Source' folder are located. (Usually 'Bethesda Softworks' on the C drive).

I have provided an .esp which contains each of the models already imported into the GECK following naming convention. You may or may not want to use it. It's up to you and how anal you are about names and tidiness in creating your own mod.
Credits and Permissions:

Created with 3DSMax, Adobe Photoshop, and NifSkope.

You are FREE to modify whatever content you download on the condition you give credit to me, TrickyVein.

All parties which have established legal rights over intellectual property regarding content and the franchise retain those rights.
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