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This mod adds a 12 gauge full-automatic shotgun based on the Daewoo USAS-12

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Name : Automatic Shotgun (USAS-12)
Category: Weapons
Author : Thundersmacker

This mod adds a unique 12 gauge full-automatic shotgun named the Automatic Shotgun to the game. It's heavily based on the Daewoo USAS-12.

Stats: (All stats at Guns 100)

Damage: 65 (with normal Buckshot)

Weight: 12 lbs

Capacity: 10 (20 with drum mod)

Gauge: 12 gauge


Auto Shotgun Drums (found with the gun) : Increases capacity from 10 to 20

Hunting Shotgun Choke: Reduces Spread


Weapon has been added to correct FormLists and should work with the Shotgun Surgeon perk.
(though you need to have a new save or the .esp put below any other shotgun mod in your load order)

Can be repaired with any Riot Shotgun found in-game.

The Weapon also includes unique custom firing sounds and a custom made pip-boy icon.

Located in Quarry Junction at the top of the conveyor belt nearest to the Deathclaw nest. Its in a duffle bag next to a dead skeleton.

If the gun is not spawning or is difficult to find the console code is xx000add with xx being the number in your load order. The code for the drum mod is xx001376 also.

Known issues and bugs:
None at the moment, please let me know if any appear.

[email protected]

Change Log:
v.1.01 - Improved Mesh (mostly in rear stock)

v.1.2 - Improved Mesh even more (made gun larger and more accurate to the real USAS)

All textures meshes modified from original meshes/textures by Obisidian/Bethesda.

Also a thanks to RIven1978 for helping me with the mesh.