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DEC. 13, 2017:  I have been away for a very long time and I am debating about whether to update and pick back up or take it off NMM altogether. I originally started this because I loathe having 50 different mods to do all the things I want and having to constantly change my setup whenever one changed something.  I like the ability to build everything into one so that mod incompatibilities are a minor issue.  Plus I like to create a world where it all just "makes sense" - that is as much as it can in a post nuclear world with mutants. :)
In any event, to all the folks who left positive feedback or expressed concern over the health issues - thank you.  I am so sorry I'm just replying.
Always wishing you all the best. 


The Restoration Movement:  Build, develop, and expand your control across the Mojave one conquered village at a time. New weapons, characters, quests, locations, base building, resource collection.    REMEMBER TO ENDORSE!  READ THE TOP PART OF THE LONG DESCRIPTION AND SEE THE FILES SECTION OFTEN. I UPDATE REGUARLY AND SOMETIMES NMM DOESN'T GIVE YOU ALL THE FILES.

You need ANTI-CRASH, NVSE, the DLC's, ConelRad Radio mod (read the required files tab to find the correct one) AND MY RESTORATION MOVEMENT MAIN FILES (V2.9C)

Installation:  1. Make sure you installed the Main Files (v 2.9C).  2. Install V 4.0 and overwrite whatever it asks you to.  3. Install Update 4.2    4. Make sure that the Restoration Movement is 2nd to last in your load order and RM Knoxen Companion is right after that.  5. Start a new game (if you've been playing a previous version of the mod (and to make sure everything flows seamlessly).   6. ave often (FNV has always been buggy and every so often I get a crash.  Not sure if it is from my mod or one of the others I have installed. Have fun.

**You don't "have" to start a new game if you haven't been playing the mod.. but you will probably want to.

When you start.. you will get a message while walking up the hallway at Doc Michell's house.  That is the trigger to starting the quests, etc. in this mod.  PLEASE check the Files section regularly for updates as I am adding quests, bug fixes and new goodies often.  Also, this mod heavily changes a number of areas in New Vegas - particularly Searchlight Airport and NCRCF.   Other mods dealing with those two areas may impact some quests/features of this mod.  Please let me know if you encounter any.  AGAIN, make sure this mod is LAST in your load order.  That way, if there are major conflicts, this mod should overwrite  overwrite the differences. 


Build, develop, and expand your control across the Mojave one "resettled" (or conquered) village at a time!  Introduces your own faction to the Wasteland.  Start a base, build it up, collect resources, rescue captives and survivors and welcome them as new citizens to your settlements.  Develop industry, start trade & supply caravans, build guard posts and other smaller defensive fortifications to secure your territory and insure safety for your citizens.

Build mines, farms, ranches and gather resources such as gold, silver, metal, lead, sulfur, saltpeter, charcoal, uranium; use hemp to make hemcrete, lumber and other commodities.

Version 4.0 Includes Operation Open Window, Phoenix, Piledriver, Freedom, Dasani, Prometheus, Shepherd, Texas Tea, Clean Sweep, HeadStart (which has 3 - 4 missions in it).  New Quests/features/recipes, etc. coming in updates every week.

Begin you adventures with the conquest of Searchlight Airport and the surrounding area.  Turn the Airport into a working base from which to begin conquering the Mojave bit by bit.  You also train/post guards, build a military and arm them (you can change/equip soldiers with whatever you want).  Develop industry to add new materials and finished goods.

A number of weapons and tactical gear and features such as crafting from Base Storage or Personal Inventory; mining for uranium and other metals/resources, recycling of junk, etc into usable resources. 

###  The Strikers & the Restoration Movement

Just before everything went to hell and a handbasket some people had the good sense to ‘get ready.’ Today you might call them survivalists or militia types but back then they were “Strikers”. Strikers were, by and large like everyone else except for a few major differences: they didn’t buy the nonsense the Government was dishing out, they didn’t think you could fight other ‘super-powers’ and not find MAD (mutually assured destruction) waiting on your doorstep, they tended to believe the country had gone a long way from where its founders intended and they didn’t plan on being the ones on the receiving end of oblivion.

The “Strikers” were founded by Senator Johnathan "John" Galt of the Southeast Commonwealth (from the former state of Georgia) as a secret society, since it was well known by all that the Government feared independent thinkers. Sen. Galt quietly begun recruiting like-minded people into the group and begun planning for “the day after.” Strikers collected resources, schematics, materials, and recruited skilled workers and “thinkers” in preparation for the coming days. They laid the groundwork for not only surviving the initial aftermath of The War but restoring the greatness that was once America. They planned to “restore” America to a time before the Commonwealths, the wars of aggression and the totalitarian ‘thing’ that had become the Government. Galt and his followers intended to help men once again understand the concept of freedom, liberty and individual initiative. Something they believed had been robbed from men somewhere along the way. (more to come later)


PLEASE NOTE: THIS MOD MAY SET YOU ON THE PATH TO CONFLICT WITH THE MAIN FACTIONS IN NEW VEGAS!  Also slightly effects quests related to NCRCF/Searchlight.  This might probably best be played once you're in the mood for something different.  This mod heavily changes the Searchlight/Searlight Aiport and surrounding area as well as NCRCF.  Mods that edit these areas will probably conflict.