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Expands many of NVEC Complete\'s world features into popular mods Now updated for NVEC 3.4+

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NVEC Mod Expansion

By Timeburn


New Vegas Enhanced Content


Expands many of the world features of NVEC into new cells and worldspaces added by mods.

Features expanded:

Active Wasteland
Portable Bedrolls
Switchable Lights
Coffee Makers
Gas Traps
Grinding Wheels
Fire Hydrants

CHEMS Usable Chemistry sets

Portable Folding Lawn Chairs

Fungal Proliferation

Loot All Cars Trucks Golf Carts Vehicles

More Containers - More Loot

Barber Mirrors

Exploding Robots

Lootable Wood Barrels & Crates (NVEC exclusive)

Some Weapons have been tweaked to be in line with NVEC's weapon mod changes

Note that Nordic & DLC integration weapons are NOT added.


Mods supported:

AG Supplementary Uniques

Angel Park 2 and Angel Park Remix

Caesar's New Regime

Monster Mod Wasteland Edition

NV Interiors (Combo and Combo AWOP compatible editions, with or without SLAP)

Tales from the Burning Sands


Run the Lucky 38

Interior Lighting Overhaul

The Strip Open

Underwater Hideout

Freeside Open

Monster Wars



I highly recommend using Fallout Mod Manager to install this mod. The scripted installer will help you choose the correct version.
Also NMM Compatible

1. Open Fallout Mod Manager

2. Click on Package Manager

3. In Package Manager, click on Add FOMOD on the upper right

4. Find the NVEC Mod Expansion v1.rar file and double-click on it to add to FOMM

5. Double-click on "NVEC Mod Expansion" to start the installer

6. Follow the prompts on the installer to select the appropriate version

7. Once the installer is finished, exit package manager, and correct your load order.

8. Rebuild your merged or bashed patch

----Manual Installation----------------------------------------

1. Unpack the downloaded file with WinRAR and open the newly created folder.

2. Open the correct folder for the NVEC version you use.
"complete" for NVEC Complete.esm or "plusnvce" for NVEC Complete + NVCE.esm

3. Copy the files for only the mods you use into your Fallout New Vegas\data directory.

4. Activate in your load order manager.

5. Rebuild your merged or bashed patch


FNVPlugin can easily merge 2 or more of these plugins, to reduce load order.


Load Order and Compatibility:

Should be loaded as late as possible in your load order
If using Interior Lighting Overhaul, load all these modules before ILO's esps


Bugs/Known Issues

Not that I know of, yet.

- Updates for Tales 1.30c hotfix
- Updated Freeside Open patch; includes fixes for NV Bounties and Uncut (thanks Keleigh3000!)

- Minor update for Tales 1.30a hotfix

- Updated for NVEC 3.4+.Future NVEC updates should not require updates to these patches.
- Updated Tales patch for Episode 3 (Complete)
This patch reverts the water changes in Tales back to NVEC and swaps the NCR Canteen for NVEC's standard Canteen
- Added support for Monster Wars. This patch also tweaks MW's armor stats to be in line with NVEC's Jsawyer changes
- minor updates to ILO, NVInt and ElectroCity patches.
- AWOP patches removed. This is now directly supported by NVEC.

- Minor update for NVEC 3.3DD
- added back the patches for NVInteriors standard. All Variants now supported (Std/AWOP/SLAP/SLAP_AWOP)
- Fixed hydrants in Freeside Open and Angel Park remix patch
- Fixed all the static sinks in AWOP, NVInt, Tales and Angel Park

- Updated for NVEC 3.3b changes
- Removed old NVInteriors. Now only includes the NVEC 3.3b compatible versions

- Updated NVInteriors support for NVEC 3.3a compatible versions

- Bugfix: MMWE option now available in installer

- Added support for Freeside Open and Electro-City lite (No Highways and Byways)

- Added support for NVInteriors Combo Edition (No AWOP)


- Initial release